If you're a fan of the Kardashians, then you definitely know who Jonathan Cheban is. For those of you who do not keep up, Jonathan is known for being best friends with Kim. Although most celebrities dedicate their social media to posting pictures of themselves, Jonathan's is dedicated to food! And to nobody's surprise, his username is far from humble: @foodgod. If you are still unsure about following him, here is a list of why Jonathan Cheban has the best food Instagram of all time. 

1. He's hella rich

"$65 each. These things are crazy, we got like 40 of them." For ONE meal. And his Instagram bio says, "Eating out 365 days a year." Spending that much money on multiple meals a day every day of the year ... I'll let you do the math. At least eating out that much means he will never run out of content to post!

2. He lives in New York

Every foodie knows that New York is the food capital of the United States, so living there gives him a leg up in the food game. NYC is full of the coolest and best food combinations, and there are so many different restaurants leaving him with endless places to eat at. 

3. He also travels a lot

As well as living in a cool place, Jonathan also travels to a lot of well-known food cities. He is constantly traveling to Los Angeles and Miami, along with other places around the world, giving his foodsta a taste of food from different places.

4. The Kardashians make guest appearances

A perk of being friends with the Kardashians is getting to have them featured in your Instagram pics. Fans of this famous family will enjoy seeing them out of the spotlight and in more casual posts while out to eat with Cheban. Although sporadic, Jonathan has posted a fair share of photos and videos with Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Kris!

5. His food is wild

Normal is boring, and Jonathan's food posts are far from boring. His food ranges from cake covered by cotton candy that is set on fire (above), to baked potatoes covered in gold and caviar

6. He gives great food tips

This video speaks for itself.

7. He has a great variety of content

I mean this in two ways. For one, none of his food pictures are the same food from the same restaurant, which keeps it very interesting and fresh. In another way, he really switches up the media of what he posts. He has videos of food, videos of him with food, pictures of food, pictures of him with food, videos of food being made, and even multiple of those in one post. It is far from the basic foodsta of just food pictures, which keeps it unique and fun!

8. Paparazzi have even captured him in action

I mean, if the paparazzi haven't taken a picture of you with food, are you even a relevant foodie? His celebrity status makes him a target, and instead of worrying about looking his best for the camera, he goes about with his food-obsessed life. He has been photographed multiple times with food in hand, which is just proof that he is a legit foodstagrammer. 

Ok, now that you're convinced, go follow Jonathan on Instagram ... the "Food God" will bless you once you do!