From shopping in Beverly Hills to visiting the Hollywood sign, there are many extravagent things to do in LA. Obviously you can visit the Hollywood Sign, or tan on the many beaches but why do that when you can eat?! Many places line the streets in LA, so try not to be basic like Kylie Jenner and go to Earth Cafe and In-And-Out for every meal. Check out these trendy and unique spots for fantastic food and an experience worth remembering.

1.  Carney's 

Yes, this place serves hotdogs and hamburgers like any other typical American restaurant, but what makes it so unique is that it is served on an old Pacific Railroad passenger train

2. Clifton's Cafeteria

Once part of a chain of eight Clifton's restaurants, the restaurant is now the oldest surviving cafeteria style eatery in LA and the largest public cafeteria in the world. The design and vibes inside are certainly one of a kind.

3. Cafe Gratitude

If you want to get the feel for the stereotypical "trendy and hip" of LA, Cafe Gratitude is the place for you. It screams health and happiness as it customizes cute individual messsages with your meal.

4. Pacific Dining Car

Okay, the name 100% gives it away. The Pacific Dining Car is a steakhouse, however, it is located on a train. This family-run restaurant has been open for four generations since 1921 and has a very old-fashioned vibe inside.

5. Cliff's Edge

While eating at this restarunt in the middle of Los Angeles, you may actually feel as if you are at a jungle. The restaurunt has crafted a menu of rust, elegant food that is switched up throughout the seasons.