When I first started making friends at the University, they picked up on my healthy eating habits very quickly. At first, they were annoyed, but like any good friends, they came to accept me for my habits and quirks. 

After many weekends going out, they were shocked to see that I drank alcohol so frequently, and even more perplexed to see that my go-to was Burnett's flavored vodka.

I get how this could be confusing. I mean, how could a healthy lifestyle include binge-drinking four days a week? Here is my rationale: I love the benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, but I'm not willing to give up the social aspect of drinking. After all, I'm a college student not a fitness guru. 

The Mindset

It's all about give-and-takes. I don't want to miss out on the frat parties, the long nights stumbling home with my friends, or the inevitable drunchies. This experience is invaluable to me, therefore I'm going to continue drinking whether my liver wants me to or not.

This isn't to say that I don't wake up some mornings with a pounding headache (the I'm-never-drinking-again kind of headache) or a sudden desire to upchuck my insides. But it's not about regretting the night before, it's about learning to be comfortable despite feeling uncomfortable.

The Recovery

1. B12 To minimize the effects of alcohol on my body, I typically take a B12 vitamin the night before, which metabolizes alcohol and keeps red blood count high. (Low red blood cell count explains the dizziness and fatigue commonly induced by a hangover.) 

2. Matcha Powder While the earthy taste of matcha takes some getting used to, I highly recommend mixing a half tablespoon of matcha with ice water. Both matcha and ice water boost metabolism, which is essential after a night of heavy drinking and empty calories.

Spoon University

3. A Green Smoothie When you drink, you lose so many naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients in your body. After a night out, it's easy to skip breakfast. However, I find that after a hearty green smoothie (I pack mine with greens, fruits, seeds, and almond milk), there's a sliver of hope that I will actually get out of bed.

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Sarah Silbiger

4. Sleep. And Then More Sleep. I like to be productive— even when I'm a hungover mess. However, I've learned that sleep always comes before school because it's impossible to get work done when I'm not well-rested. My day-after ritual includes waking up, eating something, then promptly going back to sleep. Yes, life is hard.

Of course, anything in excess is not good for you (especially alcohol). But at the end of the day, a healthy mind is more important to me than a healthy body. And yes, I will drink to that!