Welcome to Virginia Tech, where deciding where to eat should sometimes be considered another class. With so many amazing places on campus to chow down, deciding where to take a friend from out of town is most definitely difficult. Here's a guide to help you combat the issue and give your friend an amazing experience with Hokie Dining.

The Friend Who's Always Hungry

We all have that one friend who is a self-proclaimed foodie who wants to try anything and everything a place has to offer. If this is your friend, take them to the only all-you-can-eat dining hall on campus, D2. D2 has everything from a pasta bar to Asian cuisine to all the desserts you could ever imagine. Your friend will definitely be satisfied with all the of choices D2 has to offer.

#SpoonTip: You can also take the friend who's a picky eater to D2 as well since there is something for everyone

The Friend Who's Boujee

For all your friends who live by the Migos song, Bad and Boujee, West End is a must. Here, your boujee friends can get grilled-to-order steak and─depending how extra they are─even steamed lobster. There are also many other options such as a wraps, salads, burgers, and pasta if they're feeling a little less boujee.

The Friend Who's Always Down for a Good Time

chicken, bread, ketchup, sausage
Kate Avdellas

For the friend who is visiting Virginia Tech for the sole reason of having some fun, take them to Dx. Dx has the ultimate drunchies: mozzarella sticks, personal pizzas, burgers, and mini corn dogs are all on the menu. It will without a doubt be the best ending to a night in downtown Blacksburg. Also, Dx is cheap AF, so if your meal plan is running low, take them here!

The Friend Who's Down to Earth

For your hometown homie who is the most down-to-earth person you know, take them to Owens Dining Hall. Owens has the most "homey" feel out of all the dining halls that your friend will really appreciate. There is also something for everyone at Owens, and it is really close to a lot of dorms, which is super convenient.

The Friend Who's Always Studying

For the friend who doesn't ever put down the books, even when they're visiting you from out of town, take them to Turner. Turner is the only dining hall on the academic side, so they can chow down on a crepe and drink their coffee while they're studying. For a little after-study treat, make a reservation for Origami, where you can show them what Virginia Tech dining is all about at our hibachi grill.

Regardless of where you end up taking your friend who is visiting, they'll love wherever you take them because Virginia Tech dining > everything. Don't be too surprised if your friend ends up transferring for it.