1. When you just really love campus food:

2. When you miss West End mac and cheese day:

3. When you’re hungover and your roommates drag your lifeless body to D2 on a Sunday:

4. Don’t get it twisted.

5. When this happens:

6. And when it happens again:

7. When the best meal days fall on the exact same day:

Author’s note: the solution to this problem is getting both. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8. And poop.

9. When you kinda miss home but not really:

10. When you’re waiting on your food and silently praising the geniuses who thought to connect the athletes’ dorm to West End:

11. When you might as well just say one continuous “Hiiiiiiiii” because you’re seeing every person you’ve ever met while waiting for your bagel:

12. When you’re waiting in a line that should not be a line:

13. When you’re willing to do the impossible for chicken parm:

14. Pretty much.

15. When you’re standing at the trashcans for 5+ minutes while you try to remember the difference between recycling and composting:

16. When you’re laying in bed drunk AF on Saturday night:

17. When you’re laying in bed hungover AF on Sunday morning:

18. When you go to VT for the food and not the education… sorry Mom:

19. When you want chicken sandwiches from Flip’s AND Chick-Fil-A and/or it’s winter in Blacksburg:

20. When you order a sandwich for breakfast at ABP and it still isn’t ready by lunchtime:

21. When you’re trying to figure out where the Dolce e Caffè line ends and the Bruegger’s Bagels line begins:

22. Owens aka ~BROwens~:

23. When you go to Hokie Grill because it’s grab-and-go and aren’t sure why/how you ended up staying forever:

24. When you see Turner’s maximum capacity sign and then take a look at your surroundings:

25. When you’re looking ratchet, carrying 12 plates of food in your hands and seeing everyone you hate at the same time:

26. When you’re laughing maniacally to yourself because you exceeded the 2-pump yum yum sauce limit and the chefs didn’t notice:

27. When you’re wishing you hadn’t graduated:

28. When you troll the dining hall employees on your order sheet:

29. When all you want/need is a western sandwich with a burrito on the side on a Sunday or over break:

30. When you sneak service for 12 out with your Fantastic Frank:

31. When you think Hokie Dining should give the people what they want:

32. And then Hokie Dining does just that:

33. When you’re hungover but feeling #blessed that you’re not as hungover as the person next to you:

34. And lastly – before, after, and during your meal:

VT Dining Services. Basically.