Anyone who has watched Parks and Recreation knows how integral food is to everyone in Pawnee. JJ's Diner is a local favorite, while no one will ever step foot in Sue's Salads. But each of the beloved characters has their own unique taste in food. So take this quiz to find out which of everyone's favorite Pawnians you are.

1. Your go to restaurant is

A. JJ's Diner

B. Mulligan's Steak House

C. Sue's Salads

D. Anywhere with Calzones

E. A bar with light vodka shots

F. A family style restaurant

G. A Place with no lights on ever

H. Sweetums is a restaurant right?

2. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life it would be

A. Waffles

B. All the meat

C. Vitamin supplements

D. Calzones

E. The most expensive food you find on Instagram

F. A salad

G. The blood of my enemies

H. Chips and skittles and anything yummy

3. Your favorite food trend is

A. Rainbow food

B. What is a food trend? Just give me meat

C. Super healthy smoothie bowls

D. Mini calzones

E. Raclette cause I'm hot

F. Avocado Toast

G. Food trends are the worst thing to ever happen to the world

H. Galaxy food 

4. At a coffee shop you order

A. A hot chocolate with extra chocolate and whip cream on the top

B. Coffee, black

C.Matcha Latte, cause it is a super food!

D. Coffee with cream and sugar

E. The Pink Drink

F. Green Tea

G. Coffee with extra grounds

H. A super chocolatey Frappucino  

5. Pick a quote

A. I stand behind my decision to avoid salad and other disgusting things.

B. Please refrain from discussing feelings in the vicinity of the meat.

C. I need someone to be here when I take my multivitamin. It's a choking hazard.

D. The calzones betrayed me?

E. I call sandwiches "sammies", "sandoozles", or "Adam Sandlers".

F. I really need her bachelorette party to go well which is why I am stress eating gummy penises.

G. But then I remembered alcohol existed. Thank you alcohol.

H. I tried to make Ramen in the coffee pot and I broke everything.

If you got mostly A's: Leslie Knope

You are Pawnee's own local celebrity Leslie Knope. Like everyone's favorite counsel woman you love yourself some breakfast food, especially waffles, extra whip cream, and super sugary hot chocolate. You love Pawnee more than anything, and no one hates Eagleton more than you. 

If you got mostly B's: Ron Swanson

Like Ron's speeches, this will be short and sweet. You are the ultimate carnivore and vegetables are not in your vocabulary. You agree with Ron that salad is vegetable food, and it rivals your hate for the formal government.

If you got mostly C's: Chris Traeger

You are literally just like Chris. You are the health nut of your friend group. You are always exercising, eating the healthiest foods known to mankind, and having unsafely large vitamin supplements.

If you got mostly D's: Ben Wyatt

You are just like Ben, and your dream is for The Low-Cal Calzone Zone to become a reality. Your love of food is completely normal compared to most Pawnians, but your love of calzones will never be matched by another person on the planet. 

If you got mostly E's: Tom Haverford

Just like Tom, you go for the fanciest food with the most swag. You are always going to the cool new restaurants and bars in town, and owning a Bistro is your dream. Basic food is a no go, and your food Instagram is always poppin'.

If you got mostly F's: Ann Perkins

You are like Ann Perkins when it comes to food. You go for healthy food, but know how to binge. You are the mom of the group which means you make sure you and your friends are eating somewhat nutritious food. But when stress rolls around bring on the gummies to binge on.

If you got mostly G's: April Ludgate

You are like everyone's favorite pessimist, April Ludgate. Your food should be just like your soul: black. Nothing is fun so food shouldn't be fun either. Who even cares about it? All that matters is that no one realizes your water bottle is filled with the blood of your enemies, and you know that Andy likes his sandwiches with cookies instead of bread.

If you got mostly H's: Andy Dwyer

Your taste in food just like Andy is uncannily similar to a child's. Sugar is your favorite food group, with all other foods in a close second. As long as you can eat it you will, even dumpster spaghetti. And everyone knows that your secret to losing weight it just to stop drinking beer, or become the Guardian of the Galaxy in secret.