It's a known fact that we do not deserve chicken nuggets. These crispy, delectable morsels are beautiful in every form, whether it be dipped in honey mustard or ranch, enjoyed on their own, or alongside fries. Everyone has their favorite fast food nug, but today, I am not here to rank them against one another. Instead, today I am celebrating all the nugs, because they are perfect in their own ways, just like you. Here's what your best quality is based on your favorite fast food chicken nugget. 

McDonald's: Dependable

The golden arches are an iconic, reassuring sign. Whether you're on a road trip or have a serious case of the munchies, McDonald's is always there to bring you a 10-piece McNuggets for every occasion. Just like McDonald's, you're dependable, and people appreciate you for that.

Burger King: Hard-Working

Oh, Burger King. You do many things great: cereal milkshakes, Cheetos-infused sides, and, of course, burgers. But chicken nuggets aren't one of those things—they fall flat in comparison to other fast food nugs. The chain tries to compensate for its lackluster nuggets by coming out with crazy variations like spicy nuggets. But if you enjoy BK's nuggets, your best quality is that you, too, work very hard to do amazing things. Good for you.

Popeyes: Charming 

Popeyes, aka the pride and joy of New Orleans, is known for its unbeatable seasoning and biscuits. With a mission to cook authentic comfort food, there's nothing more heartwarming and lovable than a tasty 6-piece nugget box. You might not be from Louisiana, but similar to Popeyes, you've got that Southern charm.

Carl Jr.'s: Outgoing

My parents took me to Carl's Jr. when I was a kid much more than they'd like to admit, and that's because I was absolutely obsessed with the restaurant's star-shaped nuggets. It made eating fun. If these nugs are your favorite too, you are the life of the party: electric, unapologetic, and outgoing. 

Wendy's: Witty

If you aren't following Wendy's Twitter account, you are seriously missing out. Wendy is notorious for tweeting out savage, hysterical material. If you're the person in your friend group that is first to roast other people, it's no wonder that Wendy's chicken nuggets are your favorite. You're just as witty and sharp as this fast food chain is.

KFC: Loyal

KFC's commitment to protecting its top-secret chicken recipe means that the company is super loyal to its founders, like you are with your loved ones. Your protect your friends and family at all costs (even if it means hiding precious secrets in a vault, like KFC).

Chick-Fil-A: Family-Oriented

I had to save the best for last: Chick-Fil-A's nuggets. These nugs taste like they've been made with love and care. That's because Chick-Fil-A is a family-owned company that really values its traditions. This emphasis on family is great and all... until you remember Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays. But either way, through thick and thin, like your family, you still love them.

Although I am a firm believer that all nugs are good nugs, there's a perfect chicken nugget out there for everyone—one that reflects your convictions, personality, and taste buds. So, go out there and find your chicken nugget soulmate. Or just get whatever is closest to you, your choice.