Let’s be honest, everyone loves Cheetos. No matter how much you deny it, your hand is always in the bag for more. People love Cheetos so much that lately it seems like everything is made out of those delicious puffs. Whether it be Cheeto bagels, Cheeto pizza, or even Cheeto cookies, there are many ways to get your cheesy fix. The Cheeto trend has gone so far as to make its way to fast food restaurants, namely the infamous Mac 'n Cheetos from the one and only Burger King.

No matter how much I love Cheetos, this sounded weird to me. It is literally Cheetos stuffed with mac 'n cheese. I honestly was not sure how to feel, but being my food-loving self, I knew I needed to try them so you didn't have to. 

First Impression

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Eliza Budd

Right off the bat, I noticed that the packaging is designed just for this interesting creation. It is bright orange, as one would expect, with both Cheetos and macaronis flying all over the carton. This is nothing super unique, but it does the job.

When I opened the package for the first time, the Mac 'n Cheetos looked almost exactly like I thought they would. They are bright orange in the classic Cheeto cylindrical shape. You could almost mistake them for actual Cheetos, except for these are a lot bigger. Coming with about five per carton, these cheesy treats were a lot bigger than the classic BK nuggets or even chicken fries. Overall, I was pretty impressed.

The Taste

Eliza Budd

Alright, so I feel like most people here when I say I wasn’t expecting much. I just had this taste in my mind that these would not be good at all. But when I took my first bite, I was definitely surprised. The first bite actually had me overwhelmed by that perfect crunch that you would expect from any cheeto puff. But that was just the beginning, because then came the mac 'n cheese. Oh my gosh. The mac 'n cheese. They are not kidding when they say "dangerously cheesy." The mac 'n cheese was basically exploding with cheese. No bite was short of the perfect amount of cheese, and it was actually delicious.

Would I buy them again?

If you asked me if I wanted to get Mac 'n Cheetos right now, my answer would 100% be yes. They have everything you would want from fried mac 'n cheese, plus the added bonus of being covered in everyone's favorite snack. No matter how weird it may sound, these snacks are definitely worth the trip to Burger King.