Topping the list of the most disturbing food trends of 2015, Burger King’s A1 black bun Halloween Burger will remain forever engrained in our memories. While they may have been onto something with baking steak sauce into the bun, the burger was disappointing and left some people with some rather unsatisfactory consequences.

Burger King has stayed true to their unique colored-bun trend with their next attempt being the Angriest Whopper. This time, the color may actually make some sense: hot sauced baked into a bun, with jalepeños and “angry onion petals.” All of these components make for a delicious burger sans the red bun – I mean, Sriracha on burgers are actually quite tasty. So really, flavored bread can’t be all that bad.

All things aside, you have to admit that this does look more appetizing than a black hamburger bun. But it may also cause severe heartburn and who knows what else. It seems like this sandwich is Burger King’s spiciest item yet, though its likely that our stomachs will feel just as inflamed after eating it.

The colored treat is only around for a limited time though, so best try it now to say that you did. Isn’t that what most food trends are about anyways?