If you're too hungover to make it to brunch, you can still feel like a bougie boss in your sweats and shuffle to your nearest Burger King for their new fried egg burger.

Served for a limited time at participating locations, the Farmhouse Burger comes with two beef patties, bacon, American cheese, a fried egg, crispy onions, ketchup, their signature creamy sauce, all piled high between a sesame seed bun. 

Fried egg on a burger is not a new concept—you'll find it on the menu at most brunch spots, and usually as an optional topping at regular burger joints. But, this is pretty new for a fast food chain to offer it up. Now you don't have leave a tip on on overpriced sandwich, or sit around a table and talk to anyone (ugh, the worst, amirite?).

Foodbeast points out that the Farmhouse King is BK's unhealthiest burger, and estimates that it contains about 1,200 calories. But, really, if you're going to Burger King, especially after a night of debauchery, are you really concerned about that? It sounds delicious. And anyways, moderation is key—at least that's what you told yourself last night when you only slapped the bag three times instead of 10.