So if you didn't know yet, Burger King has spicy chicken nuggets. To me, this is super exciting because I don't know about you all but if I had to hear ONE more person complain about Wendy's not having spicy chicken nuggets anymore, I'd probably have to rip my hair out.

So yeah, I'd have to say I'm pretty darn happy that Burger King has those spicy chicken nuggets now. It's pretty amazing how Burger King seen an opportunity to really change the game and give the people what they want.

I really want to stress that this was not at all just a coincidence that Burger King brought spicy chicken nuggets onto their menu; it was definitely an effort to go after Wendy's

The Shade

This advertisement (that Burger King had in the Miami Herald right here very briefly can illustrate the shade...

See the shade? Yeah, pretty ironic that they were giving free nuggets away to people named WENDY.

The shade didn't stop there. Burger King even brought it onto Twitter. The Burger King twitter account started to promote any tweet that included an @Wendys and spicy chicken nuggets. I'm sure as most of us know, Wendy's voice is pretty loud and quite entertaining on Twitter so it was definitely clever of Burger King to shade them on the platform they are most prevalent on. 

Here's Wendy's clap back to Burger King:

But, that's enough about drama. Let's get back to the heart of the story... the nuggets! 

The Verdict

Not gonna lie, there are A LOT of positive reviews of Burger King's spicy chicken nuggets.

One of my best friend actually texted me the first day they came out and gave me her verdict. Let me preface you, she is the MOST and I mean the MOST pickiest human beings ever. I mean like straight chicken, pizza, and mac n cheese type of eater. She also doesn't even like Burger King chicken nuggets in the first place so I was pretty shocked when she told me she tried the spicy ones. 

My best friend, the MOST pickiest person in the world, told me that the nuggets "reminded (her) of Wendy's spicy nuggets except hotter and better."

If that doesn't convince you enough that the chicken nuggets were at least decent, I found a video of a very honest review of them.

Basically in this video Yolis describes Burger King's regular chicken nuggets as not having "much flavor to them." But when she gets to trying the spicy chicken nuggets she actually turns quite surprised as she describes them as "so much better" than the regular nuggets. She says that the spicy chicken nuggets were also very juicy.

If those two testimonials do not convince you that Burger King's spicy chicken nuggets are good you could either scour the internet for a bad review like a Negative Nancy OR you could actually go to Burger King and try them yourself! 

I mean come on, I know you have $1.49 to buy TEN chicken nuggets, I think it's at least worth it.