It's everyone's favorite part of the day - the time where you come home from school and have your snack. You have been looking forward to this all day and you've only got one snack on your mind. When it comes to predicting your personality, zodiac signs got nothing on what your favorite childhood after school snack says about you. 

Milk and Cookies

You are perfectly happy accepting your youth. You are sweet and loved by everyone. Even the kids that "don't play well with others" admit that they like playing on the playground with you. You are classic and all the parents would encourage their kids to hang out with you. You keep things simple and remind others to not sweat stuff that is metaphorically smaller than the last bite of your cookie.

Apples and Peanut Butter

 Whether you chose crunchy or creamy peanut butter, you have a funky sense of humor and personality. The best way to describe you is quirky. There's a carefree attitude to you and not just because, at this age, you had no s/o, job, or student loans. You loved being outside even more than just recess time. The biggest struggles you had were sitting still for too long and not having something to do. You were constantly moving and finding new adventures. This maybe an unpopular opinion, but you were the OG peanut butter baby.


The best thing about you is that you are versatile. Popcorn comes in all kinds of flavors, sometimes sweet and sometimes savory. You are easily just as diverse. Whether that means you could play all sports, be a master at every school subject, or befriend every kid no matter what, you are simply "poppin" with personality, talent, and love for others. In addition, you probably had a love for movies and became quite the dreamer because of it. It can be difficult for you to accept reality but we admire your ability to be blindly optimistic and know there will be a "happy ending." 

Animal Crackers

You are animal oriented and love anything that involves them. Whether that means going to the zoo, asking to pet other people's dogs, or watching animal planet. You didn't just love these little treats because they were tasty, you would admire the different animals that came in each box. Your soft spot for animals shows that you are caring and compassionate. Sometimes people even think you might love animals more than human beings, but, hey, we can't blame you. The key to your heart is anyone that has 2 eyes, a big heart, 4 paws, and a fluffy tail.

Veggies and Dip

Your mom was the Whole Foods mom that wouldn't let you have sugary cereal growing up. Fear not, because veggies and dip are underrated and so are you. You never let others get you down and always stayed true to yourself. Parents would say you were "extremely mature for your age" and sometimes this caused other kids your age to not fully understand you. However, you always got along well with others because you never held grudges against those who didn't share. Haters gonna hate but you just kept on sippin' your organic juice box because you did not "carrot" at all.


It ain't easy being cheesy, but, hey, someones gotta do it. You are as real as it gets, always telling everyone how it is. I respect you for that. These bite sized snacks were delicious and no matter what flavor you choose, they were always a hit. You have as much personality as the flavor blasted xplosive pizza goldfish, which is extremely impressive. You were most likely the ring leader of the crew. You always picked the teams for dodgeball and everyone always went along with it. Some people may have thought you were a little bossy, but someones gotta take charge. 

Fruit Snacks

You may seem shy at first but you're full of fun and very outgoing. Fruit snacks come in small packages but don't let that fool you. When you open up and let others see who you really are, no one is disappointed. Have you ever felt unsatisfied when eating fruit snacks? No, and no one is ever left unhappy when you bless them with your presence. By the end of the day, you'll have a new squad of kids to plan play dates with. People are able to see that you are as special as the blue Scooby gummy in the Scooby Doo fruit snacks. 

Our snack game says everything about us. Especially the ones we chose after a long day of learning multiplication, the capitals of each state, and the ins and outs of the water cycle. You don't really know a person until you know their go to after school snack from their childhood. Once you get on that personal level, you're pretty much playdate buddies for life.