Awards show season brings forth the names of the best movies of the year all leading up to the biggest show of the year: The Academy Awards. Each film hopes to take home the coveted Best Picture Award at the Oscars. Everyone has their favorite movie: the one they are rooting for to win such a special prize. While you watch the show; however, you can't help but be hungry. Here are my suggestions for what food you should be eating based on which movie you want to win Best Picture this year. 

Call Me By Your Name: Peaches

Call Me By Your Name details the story of a romance between the two main characters Elio and Oliver. Their love comes to be through the time they spend together during the summer in the 1980s. Peaches are important to the plot of the movie because if you know, you know. While watching Timothée Chalamet hopefully accept the award for best actor, feel free to dig into a juicy peach. 

Darkest Hour: Champagne and Soup

Darkest Hour tells the story of Prime Minister Winston Churchill at a difficult time in England during World War II. Churchill was known to be pretty particular about his food. His drink of choice was champagne-- always a good way to celebrate (if you are of age). Further, he loved soup, but only ones with a clear broth. So if you are rooting for Gary Oldman's performance to take home best picture, cheers!

Dunkirk: Croissant/Baguette

Dunkirk came through as one of the highest grossing World War II films ever. It details the story of the military operation that took place on the beaches of France. What better way to get your fix of French food than eating a croissant or baguette? The Oscars are a long award show so you have to carb up to keep up your energy throughout the whole night. If you think Harry Style's acting is going to bring this movie home the statue, eat your French breads. 

Get Out: Tea 

Get Out is one of the arguably best films this year, hence why it has a spot in the list of nominations. Although not a food, tea plays an important role in the movie. As a huge plot point involves characters being hypnotized by tea. It sounds scary, but definitely will keep you relaxed as the tensions of the night come forward. If Get Out is your favorite of the year, brew yourself a nice warm glass. 

Lady Bird" Thanksgiving Dinner

Lady Bird tells the story of a high school girl in her final year at home with her family. The familial connection that is explored in the movie is especially prevalent in the Thanksgiving dinner. Why not enjoy a feast when you are watching the show? Even if you don't want to go all out and cook like the special day, you can eat a turkey sandwich or grab some cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes to bring the feel of the holiday to Oscar's night. 

Phantom Thread: Omelette

Phantom Thread is Daniel-Day Lewis's last film, tear :(. But it has been getting a lot of buzz. He plays a fashion designer for members of high society in the 1950s, so why not eat like a member of high society by digging into an omelette just as Lewis's character does? Bite into this breakfast classic if you want this one to win. Just stay away from mushrooms. 

The Post: Lemonade

If you are like me, when you saw The Post, you were in a state of high stress, feeling like you were living the events of the movie alongside Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Under short deadline and with papers out of order the team has to work together to assemble everything they need to get the story out. Hanks' character's daughter is having a lemonade stand outside and realizes that she can sell to her father's coworkers inside, lemonade becomes necessary to helping the journalists complete the task at hand. If you want this one to win, break out a tall glass of refreshing lemonade

The Shape of Water: Hard Boiled Eggs

The Shape of Water is possibly one of the weirdest, if not the weirdest, movie in the running this year. In the simplest terms, the movie tells the story of a mute woman who falls in love with a sea creature. At one point, as their relationship develops, she feeds the creature a hard boiled egg-- a big statement and turning point in their relationship. Guillermo del Toro's film has already done great so far at the awards so lets see what happens at the biggest one of them all. Eat some hard boiled eggs if you are rooting for a win here. 

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri:Dessert

Frances McDormand has been winning this awards season, so fingers crossed she will do well on the big night too. Three Billboards is all about her character trying to get revenge for her daughter. Another way to describe revenge, "just desserts." So, if you don't know what to eat while you root for this one, break out your sweet tooth and grab every bit of dessert you can find because as we know, there is always room for dessert