The Oscars are just around the corner, Sunday February 26 to be exact. But it's not just about the glamor, red carpet, celebrities, and celebrating amazing movies, actors, and actresses... it is also about the view party. It may not be InStyles's infamous viewing party, but these helpful planning tips will allow you and your friends to have an incredible night at your very own Oscars viewing party. 

The Decorations 

1. Black and Gold Balloons

What's a party without balloons? Not only does black and gold look very elegant together, but they are also the signature colors of the Oscars. Putting these up around you home, sorority house or dorm room will make your Oscars viewing party more festive.

2. Twinkle Lights 

Did someone say lights, camera, action? Personally I don't think there is a occasion when twinkle lights aren't appropriate, however they are particularly appropriate for your Oscars viewing party. Twinkle provide a great ambiance and add an extra sparkle to the room, giving you party a more glamorous old Hollywood vibe.  

3. Oscar Swag Bag 

Why should anyone leave a party empty handed? I know it's a little disappointing we can't fit Ryan Reynolds, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon and George Clooney in here, but these swag bags, equipped with a mini bottle of champagne, ballot sheet, Oscars trophy, gold glitter and chocolates, are a great way for everyone to remember a great night.

The Activities 

1. Ballot Sheet 

When you friends arrive hand them a ballot with a list of all the categories with the nominees beneath. Have them circle the who they think will win in each category. Then, at the end of night, see who's ballot sheet was closest to the actual results. This fun little party game will keep all of your guests engaged.

2. Red Carpet Looks

So there are some red carpet looks that make you have the biggest fashion envy ever and others that make you question whether the celebrity got dressed in the dark. Either way, everyone has their opinions and so much of the Oscars is the fashion. As you and your friends watch the red carpet, rate you each look and then compare notes at the end of the show. 

The Food 

1. Gold Cake Pops 

Cake pops are so easy to make and would put anyone in the award winning mood. These cake pops are particularly good for this type of party because you and your guests can pick them up and eat them while watching the Oscars without worrying about making and mess. Pick your favorite cake pop recipe and start baking.

2. Oscar Shaped Cookie

If you are what you eat does that mean if you eat an Oscars award cookie you're an Oscars winner? Maybe that's a stretch but these adorable cookies are super easy to bake and look great. 

3. "And The Oscar Goes To" Cookies 

These "The Oscar Goes To" cookies are so festive and will look great on a buffet table filled with desserts. Your guests will love them and let's be honest they are pretty photogenic, so perfect for the paparazzi.  

4. Gold Glitter Cupcakes

pumpkin, cake, cream, chocolate
Olivia Pivirotto

You've got the cake pops and cookies so why not add cupcakes to your dessert table? These are very easy to bake, just make plain vanilla or chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and then add either cold decorating powder or gold sprinkles and you'll have cupcakes fit for any Hollywood star.

5. Popcorn 

porridge, muesli, kettle corn, milk, sweet, wheat, popcorn, corn, cereal
Meredith Marcus

I mean popcorn and the movies is like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, a match made in heaven. Needless to say, you can't watch a movie or at least an award show honoring movies without popcorn. 

6. Mocktails

For those of you who aren't 21 yet fun Mocktails are the way to go. Spice them up by adding these cute letter sticks that spell out Hollywood. Not only do these look fantastic and fit perfectly to theme, but they also taste great too. 

7. Champagne

If Jennifer Lawrence can drink at an award show, you can too. Pop some champagne with your gal pals and enjoy the night. Make a toast to incredible fashion, amazing movies, and hot actors and actresses. It's a night of celebration and you and your friends should be celebrating too!