Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year. There are spooky movies and music, enough fun-sized candy to feed an entire college campus, and you get to pretend to be whoever or whatever you like! But Halloween in Athens, Ohio (HallOUween, if you will) is even better! Before you dream of spending the night at the block party, you need the perfect costume. Here is your guide for what to dress up as for Halloween, according to your favorite place to eat near Ohio University! 

Jackie O’s

beer, alcohol, liquor, ice, wine, lager, juice, cider
Alex Frank

There is bar food and then there is Jackie O’s bar food—an obviously delicious step above the rest. There are no freezer burnt appetizers or after-thought menus, Jackie O’s delivers locally sourced and crafted beers to accompany fresh and delicious bar food. Just as your taste buds demand an extravagant Athens dining experience, so does your Halloween costume.

Your Spooky Inspiration: A Disney prince or princess, Audrey Hepburn, Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Casa Nueva

At Casa Nueva, the walls are covered in the paintings and sketches of local artists and nearly every week there seems to be a new band performing live on stage. Most importantly, the food is locally sourced and crafted with great creativity and attention to both the consumer and the Athens community. Casa Nueva truly is a work of art, and so should be your Halloween costume! Put your love for creativity to work and make your costume yourself!

Your Spooky Inspiration: grab your scissors and safety pins, a DIY costume your go-to. Dot your face to look like Warhol's pop art or fill in your brows completely look channel your inner Frida Kahlo.  

Village Bakery

Village Bakery is the place for brunch. As is the trend for most restaurants around Ohio University, Village Bakery is firmly dedicated to homemade food and impacting the local economy, making this spot the guilt-free destination for fresh baked muffins and veggie-filled quiche. Since you would never be seen indulging in brunch without your squad, your Halloween costume should be as follows: dress up with your group of best friends!

Your Spooky Inspiration: The Adams Family, Disney princesses, The Avengers, The Breakfast Club, the list goes on and on!

Union Street Diner

milk, cream, coffee, sweet, chocolate, cappuccino, pudding, espresso, yogurt
Christin Urso

This Halloween weekend, you know you are going to be out on the town celebrating all night long. At the end of a long night, you rely on Union Street Diner’s 24/7 service and reliable comfort food. Your love for French fries and pancakes at the end of a long night (or very early morning), lends to your costume inspiration! This Halloween dress in what is most comfortable to you. No frills or fuss, just comfy and ready to party.

Your Spook Inspiration: Dust off your favorite sports team jersey and grab a pair of joggers, this Halloween you are your favorite athlete.

Bagel Street

Ah, a Bagel Street sandwich. In reality, it’s just a bagel with some toppings that you could make yourself at home. There is just something, though, about these bagels to fill your stomach and take you back to simpler times—better times. A Bagel Street treat is undeniably nostalgic. In the spirits of the throwback, your Halloween costume should follow suit!

Your Spooky Inspiration: with inspiration from your favorite childhood characters, you could be a Rugrat, Spongebob Squarepants, or the gang from Boy Meets World.

Uptown Grill

bacon, waffle, chicken, poutine
Phoebe Melnick

I know, I know there are many items on the menu at Uptown Grill, but the most iconic item is the chicken and waffle sandwich. The crispy, juicy chicken layered in between the sweet, fluffy waffles are the perfect pair. Since this sandwich is the ultimate, portable balance, for Halloween night, you need to balance out your look with your better half! Grab your S.O. or your BFF and create a classic couples costume.

Your Spooky Inspiration: think the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Sandy and Danny, or Buzz and Woody.