OU life can leave you wondering many things: What can I actually do with this degree I’m trying to get? How am I going to deal with all these student loans? Where am I going to live next year? What time are my friends and I going to pre-game tonight? Nevertheless, you’re bound to wonder one of these more serious matters below.

1. Where to go when you’re craving munchies at 2 am: Big Mama’s Burritos

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Regardless of what you think, there will be at least one night during your four (or five) years at OU where you come home at night, wake up in the middle of your sleep, and find a giant half-eaten burrito from Big Mama’s right next to you. What will you do with this chicken and rice-filled beauty? Eat it — no matter where it’s been!

2. Where to go when you need to grab lunch for under $10 (or with your meal plan) between classes: Hungry Cat Food Truck

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True or false: The food on-campus is average? False, TOTALLY false! Here at OU we’ve got a green-bleeding food truck, with our school’s logo on it, that’ll let you pair any order with a side of mac and cheese (or fries, if you’re simple). Better yet, this truck gives you the option of eating with any meal plan payment if you must avoid the crowds of Shively, Nelson and The District, or if you just do not have time.

3. Where to go when you’re cramming for exams and the library is full: Donkey Coffee

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You like to think you’ll procrastinate less if you travel away from your dorm to study, but Alden might make that tough since you’ll want to strike conversation with everyone you know who’s there. Donkey Coffee will get you out of your Alden rut, and you’ll feel motivated by everything from the art to the hard-working people there.

4. Where to go when you’re sick of The Front Room or Cafe’ Bibliotech: Court Street Coffee

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If you’re stuck in the library or escalator-ing your way through Baker, there’s a chance your coffee order remains consistent. Sure, being able to afford your usual Caramel Macchiato with Flex Points is great. But day after day, NOT so great! Court Street Coffee has a wide assortment of teas, coffees, and pastries that perfectly accessorize any lecture hall. Perhaps everyone in class will head there once they see you with that lovely frozen hot chocolate in your hand.

5. Where to go when you’re trying to be healthy: The Farmacy

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That time when you and your best friend eat D.P Dough, Wings Over and Insomnia in one night is coming. As great as indulging can be sometimes, your body will be grateful for some real nutrients the next day (not a cleanse!). The Farmacy might be a little walk for anyone who doesn’t live by Palmer Place, but it’s a great place to up your nutrition game. Think hummus, pitas, and organic veggie dishes. Yum!

6. Where to go when you’re trying to be romantic/fancy: Salaam

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Traveling far, far away to a Mediterranean place certainly seems like the most romantic thing, Right? Well, more like the most expensive and unrealistic thing! But don’t assume you can’t still enjoy the joys of these things when you’re stuck in Athens. Salaam will give you and your date (or splurgy friends) a chance to experience lots of different flavors that taste as great as a trip to a place like Greece.

7. Where to go when your parents are visiting and they’re footing the bill: Sol

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Admit it, you miss your parents. Seeing them weeks after you said goodbye is great, but let’s be real and be thrilled they’re coming to town to buy you dinner. Sol is close to the bars for when you decide to show Mom and Dad around. And this restaurant serves liquor, so you and the fam can enjoy a drink with dinner. To complement that drink, their menu offers great Cuban food which can be great for either dinner (think nachos) or brunch (think egg pizza).

8. Where to go when you’re “doing it for the Insta:” O’Betty’s Red Hot

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This restaurant might be small, but its decorations are enormous, and they’re assured at least 11 hearts. If you decide to enjoy this place’s fries and hot dogs indoors, go for a casual date or with a few friends to save some money on eating out. But if you’re ever feeling #lit on West State Street, you’re going to want some of this place’s cheese fries and one of their Dixie dogs handed right to you at their window. You might not be able to finish every bite, but you’ll certainly be able to look at an Insta pic of it forever. 

9. Where to go when you’re craving something sweet: Fluff Bakery

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There’s no doubt (even though your be playing hard) that you’ll be working hard as a Bobcat. And hard work often means that you’ll want sweet treats while you’re studying your life away, and that you’ll want to hardcore treat yo’ self. Fluff offers everything you’ll ever want for these situations: cupcakes (yes, they have red velvet), cookies, vegan treats, brownies, and cannolis. In case that doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, Fluff Bakery also offers locally-brewed beer (but you’ve gotta be 21!). 

10. Where to go when you or your friends don’t eat meat: Ginger Asian Kitchen

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While most of these Athens food joints love to serve meatier items, Ginger offers plenty of veggies and tofu for our meat free buddies. Menu items here include hibachi bowls and lots of sushi (a food you might really miss from back home). If you’re getting a bowl, you and all your veggie friends can have a square meal by filling it up with rice or lo mien, steamed and seasoned veggies, and organic tofu. If you choose sushi, this place has plenty of fish-free rolls to offer. NOTE: You’ll be back again for their sweet potato roll!

11. Where to go when you’re craving a slice PART ONE: Courtside Slice Night

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Even if you’re not 21, you can still get into Courtside before 6 or 7 to enjoy a slice if you’re broke. While you may or may not have a real ID, all you’ll need to bring to this Wednesday social are a couple quarters — you’ll be able to indulge quite a bit of pizza for just that! Better than this is that all these slices will keep you fueled for all your Athens Hump Day happenings (AKA Liquor Pitchers at Lucky’s!).

Where to go when you’re craving a slice PART TWO: GoodFella’s Pizza

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Okay Bobcats, it’d be pretty awful if you read this entire list without a single mention of GoodFellas pizza. Even though this place cuts their slices into squares instead of triangles, this place will be your go-to pizza for when you’re sauced, broke, and have to eat. GoodFellas keeps everything simple by having just two options, pepperoni and cheese. For just $2.50 a slice, this spongy, cheesy, and robust square will steal your heart. 

12. Where to go when you’re hungover: Casa Nueva

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The morning after any #shuffle will leave you needing a serious boost. And what’s a better way to get that other than quesadillas, enchiladas, and burritos? Nothing!

Not only does Casa offer such great Mexican-esque food made with local ingredients, they also serve up great Bloody Mary’s and other drinks that are accompanied by their infamous chips. Not to mention, your salsa expectations will be made much higher after eating through the selection this place serves. Come on down, pick a seat in their bodega section, and enjoy a nice brunch with all your fellow Athens townies.