These days, ice cream parlors offer an amazing selection of flavors to cater to the taste buds of customers. The caveat? More often than not, you can only get 1-2 flavors at a time. Rumor has it that your go-to ice cream flavor describes a lot about how you are as a person. Want to see how you measure up? Read on to find out.

If your go-to flavor is...


cream, chocolate, ice, milk, dairy product, sweet, coffee, caramel, wafer
Rachel Kalichman

You're not one to live life on the edge. Quite the contrary, actually. Simplicity is your motto, and this extends from your food preferences to your everyday fashion choices; why buy a green shirt when you can have a white shirt that matches everything? You prefer to live a comfortable, low-profile life, and there's nothing wrong with that. 


Fruit, red berry, red fruit, sweet, berry, strawberry
Amelia Hitchens

You're an eternal optimist who pursues happiness whenever possible. Life is meant to be cherished, so you make a conscious effort to do just this. Most of the time, this plays out in your bold room decor and fun, fruity ice cream choices, but it doesn't stop there. You're all about meaningful relationships, and your friends know they always have you as a shoulder to lean on in times of joy and distress.


cappuccino, candy, sweet, coffee, cream, chocolate, milk
Rica Beltran

You're a kid at heart. Consuming chocolate by the tub is second nature to you, yet you still opt for some variation of this flavor when you go out. Your diligence to chocolate falls in line with your tendency to cling to items of the past, whether it's the Taylor Lautner poster you can't bring yourself to take down from your wall or the fluffy stuffed bears you always have sprawled across your bedspread, because you need them as much as you need chocolate.


black beans, sweet, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, cereal, chocolate, coffee
Abby Reisinger

You're always on your toes, so it's no wonder that you need an extra boost of caffeine (and sugar) to carry you through your day. Yet you're not one to complain about being overworked; you're generous with your time and are the first to volunteer when others need help. It's either that or you're a huge coffee addict. We've heard it both ways.


You're fueled by competition. You aren't quite satisfied until you get everything you want in life, and that includes your ice cream choices. One flavor of ice cream is never enough, so what do you do? You get Neapolitan, because less is most definitely not more. After all, you're all about living life to the fullest, and this is the single most practical way to do so–getting three flavors for the price of one. 

Cookies and Cream

cake, milk, candy, dairy product, ice, goody, sweet, chocolate, cream
Nicole Lacasse

You're constantly in deep thought. If it's not about the extra ingredients that go into making cookies and cream ice cream, it's about the meaning of life. You look for substance in your everyday choices, and this is especially true in your ice cream selection. "A meaningful life is one filled with substantial ice cream," you remind your friends as you take another bite from your cookie-filled ice cream. Your efforts aren't in vain; your onlooking friends are jealous and you know it.

Matcha Green Tea  

ice cream, coffee, matcha, tea
Alyssa Wang

If there were a magazine showcasing the hottest flavors of the season, you'd be the chief editor of it. Not that matcha will ever go out of style, but if it did, you'd be the first to know and move on. You have exquisite taste, which is why your friends go to you in times of fashion crises. With the high standards you uphold, they know you'll be honest in your feedback.

By now, you probably have a sense of where you fall on the ice cream scale. You might even relate to multiple flavors, and if so, I commend you on your diverse range.