You’re at a job interview that you’ve been preparing for for weeks. Your (hopefully) future employer throws you off-guard and asks you, “What decade would you like to live in and why?” After this quiz, you’ll have the perfect answer.

Everyone knows that the most accurate way to get to know someone (even yourself) is through food. After all, your favorite foods can reveal a lot about you. Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? We certainly have, and trust us, those are definitely words to live by. Still don’t believe us? Take this quiz and you’ll see that Spoon knows all.

  1. What’s your go-to snack?

  2. You’re cooking dinner for all of your friends. What’s on the menu?

  3. Of course the barista knows your usual. What is she making when she sees you walk in the cafe?

  4. Turning up on a Friday night isn’t complete without:

  5. What do you order at your favorite restaurant?

  6. The diet you’re least likely to adopt in your lifetime is:

  7. It’s date night at the movies. What is your snack of choice?

  8. Breakfast on a lazy Sunday consists of: