Since we're all living in the heat wave that is summer, cold treats are our go-to's for chilling out with friends. Outside of ice cream, there are other sweet treats to try, such as sherbet or sorbet. Both desserts are cold, sweet, and fruity and that will surely cool you off without sitting heavily in your stomach like ice cream. What are the differences between sherbet vs sorbet though?

WTF Is Sherbet? 

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Though commonly pronounced "sherbert," this dessert is actually spelled and pronounced with one "r." Sherbet is a fruit-based sweet treat that includes dairy or another fat that is used to thicken and sweeten the treat. It's basically a step above sorbet, but a step below ice cream.

Sherbet is a great light treat to your next summer picnic or brunch. You can try sherbet mimosas when you want to feel bougie and boozy. You can also try making a sherbet layered pie. Basically anything you would put regular ice cream in, you can substitute it with sherbet for a lighter, fruitier taste.

What's Sorbet? 

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Sorbet is super simple and is basically an Italian ice that you can scoop. Sorbet is made with fruit, ice, and sugar and is churned to create the creamy texture. It is insanely simple and is an extreme burst of fruitiness. Some sorbets are also made with alcohol. It's meant to be a lighter treat since there's no dairy or fat to weigh it down.

With how simple sorbet is to make, you can make your own easily. Chances are you already have all the ingredients in your kitchen. It's a great way to use up that extra fruit and it will impress any person that you have over. To learn how to make your own sorbet, check out this recipe for a blueberry and basil sorbet.

How to Eat Sherbet vs Sorbet

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Another difference between the two is when you eat them. Sherbet is a sweet, iced treat that is meant to be a dessert. However, sorbet is a sweet treat that can be a dessert but is meant to be a palate cleanser between courses in a meal, given its light, fruity flavor.

If you're having some friends over, you could incorporate both into your meal by making a simple sorbet between your appetizer and main course, and then finishing off with a sherbet dessert. Or you can try your hand at a sherbet mimosa while enjoying the main course.

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Though we can't all vacation on an island paradise, these fruity treats can make us feel like we've escaped somewhere tropical on our lunch breaks. When choosing between sherbet vs sorbet, neither frozen delicacy will disappoint. However, if you're dairy sensitive you may want to stick with sorbet instead of venturing to sherbet. Regardless, both are great ways to treat yourself when experiencing a heat wave and in need of a light refresher.

#SpoonTip: There's a lot to learn about the differences between ice cream, soft serve, fro-yo, and custard as well.