If you’re enjoying the summer in Athens, and happen to be on the meal plan, you may want to stop by one of the dining halls for a cool and tasty scoop of ice cream at some point.

Here is our guide to some of the unique ice cream flavors you may come across. Just try them one at a time please.

1. Rainbow Sherbet

ice cream

Photo by Ariana Simon

This colorful beauty tastes a little less like a rainbow and a little more like a blend of citrus. It’s tangy and has a creamy texture. If you ever had a Nestle Flintstone push-up pop when you were a kid, this flavor tastes a lot like that. If you never tried one, you were missing out on this.

2. Banana Split

With chocolate sauce and cherries mixed into a super banana-y tasting ice cream base, this banana split flavored ice cream is basically a traditional split if it had been mixed up in a blender. If you are big on banana splits and are looking for some other creative ways to eat this flavor, try one of these. Two of the strangest on this website include kiwi and pineapple in the traditional recipe.

3. Blueberry Pie

Wishing you could savor a bit of your grandmother’s homemade blueberry pie? Now you can. Well sort of….in a colder, creamier form at least.

The blueberry pie flavor is a fresh, sweet and definitely blueberry tasting ice cream. It even has little chunks of soft pie crust mixed into the ice cream, so it’s almost like you are eating the real thing.

4. Piña Colada

ice cream

Photo by Ariana Simon

If you’ve ever had a virgin (cough cough) piña colada, this ice cream-or more appropriately shaved ice-flavor tastes exactly like one. It’s very coconut-y and will definitely make any warm summer day taste like a tropical vacation to the beach (even if you live hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean).

5. Caramel ‘n Pretzel

If you are looking for a flavor that’s a little less fruity and a little more rich, definitely give caramel ‘n pretzel a try. The caramel flavor is paired with the salty crunch of pretzel chunks.

This flavor is a lot like eating a caramel turtle candy. If you like this flavor, another one that might pique your interest might be this one.

6. Butter Pecan

This flavor tastes a lot like sucking on a butterscotch hard candy. It is sweet, but the pecans gives the ice cream a sort of salty, almost roast-y flavor, too.

If you are a fan of this flavor, you should try making your own butterscotch candy flavored ice cream following this recipe.

7. Superman

ice cream

Photo by Ariana Simon

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s vanilla ice cream? You may have expected a little more vibrance from a flavor named after one of the most well known super heroes, but this flavor is just red, blue and yellow dyed, plain vanilla ice cream.

8. Cherry Italian Ice

ice cream

Photo by Ariana Simon

This flavor is almost too sweet, like cherry flavored medicine in shaved ice form. It’s comparable to a cherry flavor popsicle enjoyed by a child, melting too fast and covering hands in sticky, goo-ey mess.