Halloween season is upon us, and there's only one clear way to decide what candy to munch on -- with astrology, of course. The sun affects the light and promotion of growth on Earth, the moon affects the waves, and your astrological sign affects your candy preferences, right?  Here's some insight for Halloween candy, astrology-style.

Aries- Hot Tamales

Fiery and red, hot tamales fit the description of an Aries to a T. Hot Tamales, however, are a massively underrated candy, just as the work ethic and intentions are of an Aries. 

Taurus- Crunch Bar

Notorious for being the stubborn sign of the chart, your strong headedness is always matched with sweetness, just as the crunchiness of a Crunch bar is drenched in chocolate-y sweetness. Ruled by the planet Venus, you share your love of beauty and comfort with the other signs. Nothing is more comfortable that a nostalgic Crunch Bar. 

Gemini- Sour Patch Kids

candy, sweet, gelatin, jelly
Steph Auble

Everyone loves a good SPK, but you know that slogan of theirs… “sour, sweet, gone.” Yep, any two-faced Gemini out there can get a taste of your own medicine. 

PS: I promise, I love you Geminis. 

Cancer- Snickers 

When I went trick-or-treating as a little kid, I would always accumulate Snickers from the joyful elderly couples answering the door, smiling wide at all the silly costumes. Cancers are praised for their maternal tendencies, so a Snickers Bar is a perfect reminder of this lovable quality. If your astrology sign is  Cancer, a Snickers candy bar is always the way to go. 

Leo- Sour Punch Straws

Just like an a Leo, these can be the star of your Halloween candy basket. However, Sour Punch Straws can be a little in your face with their sour punch, just like a Leo who loves the spotlight. 

Virgo- Twizzlers

Elizabeth Philip

Virgo's are some the more subdued of the signs. They aren't praised or dragged for having one specific extravagant quality. Twizzlers are similar; they'll always be good. There's really nothing wrong with a classic Twizzler, any time of day. 

Libra- Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate, peanut butter, candy, peanut, butter, sweet, cream, cake
Laura Palladino

Libras tend to not show their true selves to everyone they meet, as they are the peace keepers and people pleasers of the chart. Reese's cups, along with being one of America's favorite candies, has that little peanut butter filling hidden inside the chocolate cup. Whether you know a Libra superficially or as a close friend, you probably enjoy being around them, as that's one of their main social goals. 

Scorpio- Warheads

Almost immediately after poppin’ a Warhead into your mouth, you’ll feel it. However, if you suffer through the sourness for a bit, it’ll pay off, ending with a fruity sweetness. Scorpios are intense, but they love their friends, partners, and families like no other. 

Sagittarius- Smarties

Sag is sometimes known to be the “know it all” of the chart. It’s usually because they are indeed very worldly, so they are true smarties. But sometimes they just don’t come off in the best way. Smarties are tasty for the first pack or two, but after that, they get too sickly sweet. 

Capricorn- Nerds

Capricorns are very work-oriented. They tend to distract themselves from their problems by excelling in their work. You are what you eat... but take pride in it! If your astrological sign is a Capricorn, enjoy handful of these pink and purple pieces of pure fun.

Aquarius- M&M's

candy, jelly beans, sweet, gelatin
Christin Urso

No Aquarius is quite like the other. M&M's portray you perfectly, as there seems to be an endless supply of flavors and options. An Aquarius is a typically clever, analytical, and fair-minded person, so these color-coated, perfectly-round, and shareable candies are the perfect halloween treat for you. 

Pisces- Hershey's Chocolate Bar

chocolate, milk, candy, milk chocolate, sweet, chocolate candy
Laura Palladino

Pisces, you all are known for being the emotional sign of the chart. What do you eat when you are happy? Chocolate. What do you eat when you are sad and crying? Chocolate. 

A Sweet Summary

I hope this article gave you some astrology- backed Halloween candy inspo but most importantly, made you hungry. Find out what your moon and rising signs are to see which other candies you should fill your Halloween candy basket with this spooky October 31st.