When I was in middle school, I was enthralled with astrology and zodiac signs. I matched my Libra compatibility with the sign my crush fell under and got upset when rumor spread that the constellation Ophiuchus was the thirteenth sign (um, no).

Now as a college student and proud coffee addict, it's nice to let my Libra inhibitions take the wheel and decide things for me, like my Starbucks splurge. If you need inspiration for what to order at Starbucks, your astrological sign has got your back.

Aries: Mexican Mocha

Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Mexican Mocha

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Your sign often is stereotyped to be hotheaded. While that's not always true, a Mexican Mocha perfectly complements your spiciness with cayenne and smoothness with the notes of chocolate. You can even swipe these from a grocery store instead of standing in line.

Taurus: Green Tea Latte

Tauruses are known to be down-to-earth foodies, so a green tea latte is a great match for you. It's just sweet enough without being overly sugary, and the earthy matcha is compatible with coffee lovers and haters alike.

Gemini: Hot Chocolate

As my Gemini boyfriend says, the perfect drink is "hot chocolate, because coffee sucks." I think hot chocolate is a perfect fit because of your adaptability—think of all the great ways to use chocolate in drinks, desserts, and even savory meals!

Cancer: London Fog Tea Latte

It's no secret that Cancers like to take it slow and chill out. Why not get lost with your imaginative thoughts or dive into a book with a homey cup of Earl Grey-inspired tea? Its sophisticated floral flavors are mature, just like you.

Leo: Latte Macchiato

Leos can really get out there sometimes, so you're not one to balk when trying something new. An off-the-wall yet simple drink for you to order is the latte macchiato. The creative blend of foamy milk and dark espresso caters to your classy taste.

Virgo: Iced Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato

The lengthy name of this drink reflects your complexity, Virgo. Though you may come off as mild and meek, you've got a hidden energy like espresso that completes the picture. Plus, who doesn't love a drink that's as sweet as you are?

Libra: Ombré Pink Drink

Libras love beauty and are aesthetically driven, so the new Ombré Pink Drink is the perfect choice in every way. It's balanced with tart lime, mellow hibiscus, passion fruity-ness, and coconut, plus it's totally Instagram-worthy. Though you can be pretty fixated on the future, be present now and treat yourself.

Scorpio: Whatever Frappuccino is Trendy Right Now

Marina Nazario

You're a pleasure seeker, Scorpio. Your Starbucks item of choice is whatever is buzzing on social media, be it the fruitcake Frapp or a pretty unicorn Frappuccino. Why not live in the moment and indulge in the newest trend while it's still ... you know, trendy?

Sagittarius: A Classic Bantam Bagel

Sagittariuses are adventurers, so why limit yourself to a drink menu? These bad boys were actually a product featured on Shark Tank. Satisfy your afternoon craving with a Bantam Bagel, a simple but unique treat that's a little out there - but just a little. Pair it with a plain cup of Joe, perhaps?

Capricorn: Flat White

tea, coffee, milk, beer
Phoebe Melnick

Capricorns are known for being serious and hardworking. You should order a flat white: it's practical without being just a standard cup of coffee. Plus, the flat white is a great vehicle if you want to spice it up with cinnamon or cascara sweetener.

Aquarius: The Pokémon™ GO Frappuccino®

You love having fun with friends, so celebrate fun games and pop culture, even though Pokémon™ GO's prime time has passed, with the still-available blackberry and vanilla bean Frapp. You might not catch them all, but you can appreciate an original creation when you see one.

Pisces: Nariño 70 Cold Brew

Patient Pisces, you're not opposed to waiting for what you want. After all, coffee that takes almost a day to make has got to be worth the wait, right? Your ideal Starbucks drink is a Nariño 70 Cold Brew iced coffee, smooth and gentle yet refreshing.

While your Starbucks preference may change based on your daily horoscope or if finicky Mercury is in retrograde, this list can help you decide what treats align with your star(bucks) sign.