Once October 1st hits (for some of you, maybe even earlier) the excitement of Halloween sets in. Personally, I love holidays because it becomes acceptable to watch every movie that is even remotely related to that holiday. Halloween is especially great because fall is my favorite season, mostly because of the recipes. The best way to enjoy the Halloween movies of your childhood is to channel your ~adult~ self and make the perfect snack or meal to accompany it. Instead of having to make the decisions of what to eat and what to watch, check out these ideas for what fall recipes you should try based on your favorite Halloween movie. 

Halloweentown: Classic Butternut Squash Soup

cream, broth, tea, sweet, pumpkin, soup
Alixandra Rutnik

Just because you like Disney movies doesn't mean you can't be sophisticated. Soup is the perfect recipe for fall when you need to start embracing the colder weather. Plus, butternut squash is in season, which makes it the perfect ingredient for this soup. Channel your inner Marnie and conjure up some of this delicious butternut squash soup the next time you watch Halloweentown. 

Beetlejuice: Apple Dip with Cinnamon Sugar Crisps

Spoon University

I don't know what's worse: having your house haunted by a devious ghost, or not being able to eat some of this apple pie dip with cinnamon sugar crisps. Well, if this is your favorite movie you'll know how it ends without having to miss out on the dip. This is the perfect movie snack to enjoy and it will become a new favorite that you'll never get sick of, just like Beetlejuice.

Hocus Pocus: 3-Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Muffins

pumpkin, sweet
Katherine Carroll

With one ingredient for each of the Sanderson sisters, these pumpkin spice muffins will not disappoint. The pumpkin represents Winnie (the hair, duh), the cake mix is Sarah because she's definitely the spiciest of the group, and the applesauce is Mary because she's essential, but not necessarily the favorite. The three combined makes the perfect trio, just like pumpkin, applesauce and cake mix combined makes the best muffins. 

Double, Double Toil and Trouble: Pumpkin Spice Grilled Cheese

Jayna Goldstein

Sweet and savory goes together almost as perfectly as Mary-Kate and Ashley in Double, Double Toil and Trouble. You can never have enough of these twins, just like you can never have enough of this pumpkin spice grilled cheese. If you're not feeling the sweet, try out savory apple cheddar instead. 

Casper the Friendly Ghost: Pumpkin Fluff

chocolate, cream, ice, milk, sweet, coffee
Katherine Baker

If looking at Casper doesn't remind you of marshmallows, then I don't know what to tell you. Take your snacking to the next level by making this Pumpkin Fluff, which pairs perfectly with graham crackers. Try spreading it on bread with peanut butter for an amped-up sandwich. 

Twitches: Pumpkin Pie Crescent Rolls

sweet, bread
Dylan Barth

Imagine finding out you had a twin AND that you were a witch all within a few days. That's almost as cool as finding out you can make these pumpkin pie crescent rolls in less than 30 minutes. Next time you're getting ready to watch Twitches, throw these together — they're so delicious, they'll take you to your own new dimension. 

The Haunted Mansion: Green Fall Smoothie

herb, vegetable
Abby Farley

Madame Leota, aka the green floating head in a crystal ball, is one of the most iconic Haunted Mansion characters. Apparently, if you drink enough green smoothies, you'll actually start to turn green. Enjoy one too many of this tasty fall green smoothie and you may just transform into Madame Leota, creating the perfect Halloween disguise. 

Harry Potter: Pumpkin Spice Donuts 

cookie, sweet, chocolate, cake, pastry, bread
Caitlin Shoemaker

You might not be able to get pumpkin pasties like the ones that appear in the movie, but these pumpkin spice donuts will come in close second. Everyone loves donuts, the same way that everyone loves Harry Potter. Next time you want to watch your favorite movie, definitely make these to snack on for added enjoyment.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: One Pot Chili Mac N' Cheese

macaroni, sauce, cheese, meat, pasta
Maxwell Faucher

Chili mac and cheese is the perfect fall spin on everyone's favorite meal. This one goes perfectly with the Rocky Horror Picture show because it really proves that the classics will never be outdated. The chili is thrown together with a bunch of random ingredients to make the perfect mac and cheese, just like the Rocky Horror Picture show is a perfect blend of obscure and random characters. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Caramel Apple Sangria

tea, sweet, milk, jug, juice, apple, coffee, cider
Reed Erickson
All of the classic Halloween movies can become instantly better when you add in a drinking game, especially if you've seen it sober one too many times. Next time you're ready to get tipsy while enjoying your favorite Halloween movie, make some of this sangria, follow these rules, and get drinkin'.

Halloween: Sweet and Spicy Slow Roasted Nuts

vegetable, legume, chili, nut, meat, beans
Ellen Bartolino

If you're a fan of scary movies, it's pretty likely that you enjoy the kick that comes from sweet and spicy slow-roasted nuts. These nuts are the perfect snack to chomp on as you anxiously await the next scary creature to pop out. Plus, they're so easy to make you'll want to make extra to stay stocked up for the rest of the fall season. 

Pick your favorite Halloween movie, make these recipe, and start watching because the countdown to Halloween starts now.