Have you ever thought about time travel? How about showing modern things to someone from the past? Well, a trend on TikTok, where the user describes something that would be so shocking to someone from the Victorian era it sends them into a coma, is doing just that. And I can’t help but imagine what foods we eat today would totally shock children of the past. Every time my friends and I go out to try a new drink at Starbucks, we burst out into belly laughter thinking of a Victorian-era child trying it as well. Just picture a young kid from the 1800s experimenting with all the modern food and drink fads. These are the ones that would send them straight into a coma.

1) Boba 

Image by Nicholas Ismael Martinez on Unsplash

Everyone who has ever had Boba with milk tea has experienced an initial surprise of the chewy tapioca boba balls. The popping sensation would be absolutely astounding to a young Victorian child. The flavor explosion would send shockwaves through their system and possibly send them straight to the hospital.

2) Deep Fried Oreos

Image by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

The mere existence of the oreo, a chocolate cookie sandwich, would excite a Victorian kid just as much as Taylor Swift's fans would when it came time to purchase tickets for her "Eras Tour." Anyone from the 1800s would be flabbergasted by the sheer quantity of deep-fried foods found in a 500-foot radius of an American fairground. If a deep-fried oreo were given to a Victorian child, that child would fall into a coma probably from the cholesterol alone. But they would be revived by the delicious flavor of the gooey insides of the Oreo.

3) Rainbow Bagels

Image by Caitlyn Wilson on Unsplash

To a child in the Victorian era, cream cheese smeared on two faces of rainbow bread would seem highly unusual. To have the rainbow hues in the sky after rain showers somehow transferred to a bread-y circle would be perplexing.

4) Nitrogen Ice Cream

Image by Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

A Victorian child would have the widest smile when eating conventional ice cream, but the creamy smoothness of nitrogen ice cream would make them crave it all the time. On top of it being tasty, it's always mesmerizing to see nitrogen ice cream being made in futuristic machines. One spoonful of Nutella-flavored nitrogen ice cream would keep that Scarlet fever away.

5) Slutty Brownies

Photo by Alison Mally

Slutty brownies have three layers of distinct chocolate flavors — a soft chocolate chip cookie, an oreo, and of course, a gooey brownie. One bite of this delicious baked good would launch a Victorian-era child from the 1800s into a dystopian future.

6) Pizza Rolls

Image by Amazon

Our college lifestyles frequently reflect the way we ate as kids. Pizza rolls or Hot Pockets are among the foods we all yearn for as snacks. Children in the Victorian era would chuckle as they ate the melted cheese on the tiny crispy buns in one mouthful. They would think it was magical to watch the frozen pizza rolls defrost in the microwave.

7) Shake Shack Burgers

Image by Shake Shack

The fresh lettuce and tomatoes on top of the differing crispy meats and chickens taste just as amazing as their photographs.  If a Victorian-era child encountered a Shake Shack Burger, they would skyrocket straight to the hospital. Heart palpitations and increased blood pressure for days after inhaling one of these meaty handheld melts.