Who doesn't love a good bowl of ice cream? It can come scooped, rolled or soft-served. But the coolest way to serve up some of this creamy concoction is by using liquid nitrogen. But what is liquid nitrogen ice cream? I did some research so you can be ahead of the trend. 

What Is Liquid Nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is the gas, nitrogen, at an extremely low temperature, which has a boiling point of -320° F. When it's not being used for ice cream, liquid nitrogen is used in science experiments, cryopreservation of biological samples and a coolant for vacuum pipes. 

How Do You Use it in Ice Cream?

Liquid nitrogen ice cream begins like any ice cream: cream, milk, vanilla, sugar and any add ins (cookie dough, plz). Then you add the liquid nitrogen to the equation. This is where the fun begins and the cool fog billows out of the mixer.

Since the ice cream can be made in a matter of moments, this allows customers to customize their own ice cream and see it made right in front of them. Most liquid nitrogen ice cream stores don't event have freezers because they make the ice cream to order. 

The Science Behind It

Freezing the cream and milk mixture with liquid nitrogen prevents large ice crystals from forming. This is what makes this type of ice cream so creamy. Sub Zero Ice Cream (which can be found across the nation) prides itself on hand mixing their ice cream to order because they believe that there is less air in their ice cream and that its more dense due to less whipping.

Can You Make it at Home?

Yes you can, if you can find the liquid nitrogen. Other than that it's just a basic ice cream recipe. Chef Steps has a great step-by-step guide on how to make your own liquid nitrogen ice cream. 

If you're not savvy enough to make your own, you can find liquid nitrogen ice cream stores across the nation and world. Now that we've answered the question, "what is liquid nitrogen ice cream," go enjoy this fun way to get this summer treat. And put get it on your Instagram before any of your friends.