With 2016 in our past, we can reflect on the good and bad that has come about within the past year. While The Cubs won the World Series, our nation went through a strikingly controversial election. Although our nation may have been split into different groups, we can all unify together and agree that the foodie world definitely skyrocketed on social media in 2016.

From drinks to sweets, a range of new delicacies took over Instagram overnight — these are six of the most Instagrammed foods of 2016.

1. The Pink Drink

The Pink Drink took over the web and became the ultimate "2016 summer drink." While it is not found directly on Starbuck's Summer Menu, it is a part of the secret menu: a series of different combinations of drinks that baristas and consumers around the world create. Most drinks off the menu are designed to replicate the flavors of a certain sweet.

In this case, The Pink Drink is designed to taste like a pink Starburst. Just pull up to the Starbucks drive through and order, "One Strawberry Açaí Refresher with coconut milk and strawberries." With the #PinkDrink taking over Instagram by storm, one can just ask for the pink drink and the barista will just know what to do. This drink is not only refreshing, but can definitely satisfy a sweet tooth!

Purple Drink

With the Pink Drink gaining an immense amount of acclaim, consumers were eager to try even more Starbucks combinations that would create drinks that would match their Instagram theme. Stop, I know you do it. That's how the Purple Drink came to be! This vibrant lavender color drink is a passion iced tea with soymilk, vanilla syrup, and a handful of blackberries. These Starbucks drinks can definitely be considered "Internet Sensations."

2. Avocado Toast

This is one way that parents around the world are getting their children to eat their greens. Who knew that healthy could taste this indulgent? Not to mention how aesthetically and visibly pleasing it is with its bright green color. 

While spreading avocado on a baguette is new business for us, Americans, the British, Mexicans, and Australians have been doing this for decades. For instance, in Mexico, where avocados are abundant, they have smashed the fruit into guacamole and eventually unto a toasted tostado. While in Australia, many Australians enjoy topping their breakfast toast with different types of cheeses, vegetables, and fruits.

When this avocado toast came over to America, its fame grew slowly, but it eventually rose to the top, becoming the easiest and quickest snack to make in America. While this is not a strict "recipe" for avocado, there are many variations. The avocado can be spread on a baguette, a croissant, an English muffin, or even just toasted white, wheat, rye, or gluten free bread. As long as you've got some avocado, your good to go.

3. Doughnuts!

Enough said. Doughnuts were slowly rising above cupcakes in 2014 and 2015, but finally took over in 2016. More and more cities are adding their reign of doughnut shops. Because of this, doughnuts definitely deserve a spot on this list.

While you may have seen hip and trendy doughnuts all through your Instagram feed during 2016, there are too many types to just pick one! There are cake doughnuts, old-fashioned doughnuts, glazed doughnuts, fritter doughnuts, long johns, cider doughnuts, crullers, doughnut holes... have you gotten the point?

4. Açaí Bowls

You have most likely seen these "too beautiful to eat" smoothie bowls on Instagram, but you have definitely not been able to pronounce the word "açaí" which has made all the puny captions not make sense. Ah-sah-EE. The açaí berry comes from a Central and South American palm tree that bears tiny purple berries.

This fruit is considered a "superfruit" which guarantees long-term energy throughout your day. These bowls not only come with a long list of health benefits but they fill your stomach up, helping you to not crave food or sugary treats.

The main reason why the açaí bowl has taken over the web is not only because of the hot pinky/purple color that the actual açaí puree possesses, but the designs and colors of the toppings. Traveling gurus who have a large following on Instagram would post pictures of these beautiful açaí bowls in the jungles and beaches of the most exotic places, thus making açaí bowls "cool."

5. The Chinese Egg Waffle Ice Cream Cone

Hard to find, but sooooo worth it. The Chinese Egg Waffle Ice Cream Cone made its stance in 2016 and can only rise from here. If you have heard of street tacos, this is basically a street snack that started in Hong Kong. The Chinese Egg Waffle Cone is a fluffy waffle made from eggs in the form of a bubbly mold. These waffles can be thought of as a typical breakfast waffle — one that is crispy on the outside and soft, chewy goodness on the inside. 

When you first order the Chinese Egg Waffle Ice Cream Cone, the waffle is made on the spot. This is no pre-made fast food. The waffle is made in a bubble mold, giving the waffle hollow bubbles. The waffle is them folded up slightly and placed in a paper cone holder to allow the flimsy waffle to be able to hold the ice cream.

The ice cream (usually soft serve or nitrogen-based) is inserted inside the cone and topped with traditional Korean and Japanese candies such as mochi, fortune cookies, and pocky, even macha powder. Since this dessert has been brought to America, it has assimilated by being opened to "American" topping and flavors such as chocolate sauce, whip cream, fruity pebbles, marshmallows, cookies, etc.

Not only is it new and foreign to the United States, but it combines two of the Americans favorite meals: dessert and breakfast. Not to mention its busy and ornate visual appearance on the streets.

6. The Rainbow Bagel and Birthday Cake Cream Cheese

Didn't you love the Funfetti Pillsbury Cake Mix when you were younger? Now you get to experience the colorful flavors in cream cheese form, while being spread on a revolutionary rainbow bagel. I have to say, a world with a multicolor bagel and cake batter flavored cream cheese is one that I want to live in.

New York, known for their bagels, was the first to experiment with colored bagel dough. These rainbow bagels are sure to wake you up in the morning. The birthday cake flavored cream cheese dazzled is even better, turning your breakfast into a dessert! This match made in heaven is sure to rack up the likes, making your followers drool and wanting more.

From this list of the six most Instagrammed foods of 2016, one might say that this year was a definite success. The foodie world is only going up from here and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store. Start unbuckling your pants now, 2017 has a lot to live up to.