Valentine's Day is coming up, and candy is beginning to fill all the shelves at the grocery stores.  But what if your crush is a vegan, and you're not quite sure what to get them when you're asking them to (please?) be your Valentine.  Vegan Valentine's Day candy is often hard to come by.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a sweet treat on this holiday, no matter their dietary restriction.  Here's a list of vegan Valentine's Day treats that avoid ingredients such as gelatin and dairy.

Wonka Valentine Fun Dip

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Lea Walsh

 This vegan Valentine's Day candy personally makes me nostalgic as it was my favorite in every elementary school valentine exchange.  These packets of sugar can crave any vegan's sweet tooth.

Wonka SweeTARTS Hearts

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Lea Walsh

These are another Valentine's Day classic.  These tangy hearts, each embossed with a cute saying, are the perfect gift for your vegan sweetheart.

Ring Pops

Lea Walsh

While not exactly a Valentine's Day engagement ring, surprise your vegan valentine with this sweet piece of jewelry. I'd make the argument that it is the next best thing. 

Life Savers Valentines Mix

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Lea Walsh

These cherry, pineapple, and fruit punch jelly rings are the perfect fruity vegan candy.  But beware: even though the hard Life Saver candies are vegan, the gummy and mint versions are not.

Red Velvet Oreos

Though not technically a candy, Oreos are notorious for being a vegan cookie and the Red Velvet specialty flavor is perfect for a vegan Valentine's Day treat.  Honestly, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy anything red velvet flavored.

Sweetboy Candy Truffles

Finally, the ultimate Valentine's Day treat is chocolate. Sweetboy Candy, in Los Angeles, creates vegan caramels, toffees and truffles that will satisfy a sweet tooth.

So, just because you're a vegan doesn't mean you can't enjoy delicious and sugary treats this Valentine's Day. This list of vegan Valentine's Day candy is the perfect gift guide for your vegan valentine or just to treat yourself!