Sure, you could opt for a typical Valentine's Day gift such as a giant stuffed teddy bear, a steak dinner, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and/or a bouquet of red roses. However, if you have a snacky partner, these Valentine's Day food bouquets are definitely the move. Frankly, you can make anything into a bouquet — I mean, do you remember the lettuce bouquet trend? Of course, you can order an Edible Arrangement or hyper-masculine beef jerky bouquet right to their doorstep. Or, you can transform their favorite foods into a DIY arrangement, Here are just a few Valentine's Day food bouquets that your partner will appreciate much more than flowers. 

Pickle Bouquet

Photo via Grillo's

Pickles were the it-girl of 2023, and they'll continue to be that bitch in 2024. Grillo's introduced its pickle bouquet kit last year and are gearing up to sell them again in 2024. Whether you're a bread and butter aficionado, a classic dill fan, or even into spicy spears, you can celebrate an array of pickled produce with some skewers, a vase (or cute pickle jar), and some fresh herbs. 

Cookie Bouquet

Build out your own cookie and brownie bouquet with homemade treats, store-bought sweets, or a mixture of both. You can lay your baked goods down in a box with a bouquet tissue wrapping or tape wrapped cookies to skewers and add to a vase. This is a super cute way to save money and make your partner's fave cookies and candies look super cute.

Donut Bouquet

For the Dunkin' lover in your life, transform a dozen of their fave donuts with a few pieces of tissue paper and skewers. Plus, you can make super cute mini bouquets with donut holes for your friends and roomies.

Charcuterie Bouquet  

Say goodbye to boards and hello to bouquets. You've definitely already mastered the salami rose, so put it to use by adding pre-wrapped cheeses and olive to skewers along with mini baguettes. Don't forget to add a little bow to tie it all together.

Shots Bouquet  

Mini bottles almost always make a good present great! Grab a few mini bottles of their favorite liquor, tape it to skewers, and voila! Of course, you can spruce it up with their favorite candy, as well to have a lit Valentine's Day. 

Bread Bouquet

Without a shadow of a doubt, your S.O. wants treats from your local bakery. I mean, who of us wouldn't want a delicious bagel and chocolate croissant bouquet? You can individually wrap your cinnamon rolls and asiago buns or lay them out in a nice brown box. You can class it up with some fresh herbs, baby's breath fillers, or wooden flowers. I am drooling just thinking about a bread bouquet.

Noodle Bouquet

Give the gift of divine Samyang noodles for your spicy, special someone. Additionally, any noodle pack will look great in a bouquet, including Momofuku all the way to Maruchan.