With Valentine’s Day approaching, it's time to think of a gift for your significant other. If they have a sweet tooth or are obsessed with the latest food trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Below is a list of 16 food gifts from businesses around the country that will satisfy anyone’s craving. From regional foods that can be delivered from hundreds of miles away to holiday-themed desserts, there are so many options. These flavorful foods aren’t just gifts for your partner, but something you can share together. 

1. Heart Shapes Noodles By Pastabilities, $14

Image by Amazon

If your partner is a lover of cacio e pepe, pesto, vodka sauce, or maybe just marinara, these heart-shaped noodles are perfect for them. 

2. Personalized Chocolate Slab By Abigailsbakedgoods, $28

Image by Etsy

The perfect mix of a cookie cake and chocolate bar, this chocolate slab is the ideal gift for chocolate lovers. You can personalize the milk, white, or dark chocolate slab with a special message for your special someone.

3. Edible Cookie Dough by PhxDoughBox, $39

Image by Etsy

This gluten-free edible cookie dough is perfect for those who love to lick the batter when baking.

4. Box O'Fish By Island Creek Oysters, $68

Image by Island Creek Oysters

Is your significant other a fish lover? You'll want to get them a sampling pack of shellfish filled with clams, scallops, mussels, and cockles from Island Creek Oysters sourced off the Galician coast. 

5. Freeze Dried Ice Cream by Susies Pantry Snacks, $6

Image by Etsy

Ice cream is one of the creamiest desserts out there. But freeze drying takes it to a whole new level, like eating the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal. Not many people have tried it, so this is perfect gift if you're looking to try new things with your partner.

6. Chocolate Cows By SweetcsTreatsnMeats, $8

Image by Etsy

These chocolate cows are perfect for cocoa lovers, and they are darn cute, too.

7. New York Bagels By Utopia Bagels, $60

Image by Goldbelly

Some say the best bagels come from New York, others say New Jersey. Whatever the deal is, they are both top-notch. Once you leave that metropolitan area, it can be a struggle to find a good bagel. But these might just be the best gift for your partner if they haven’t had a good bagel in a while.

8. Artisan Honey By GilsHoneyBees, $62

Image by Etsy

It's hard to go wrong with the be(e)st natural sweetener out there. Honey is the best gift for your special honey.

9. By The Cup Heart-Shaped Jelly Beans, $9

Image by Amazon

Someone out there loves jelly beans just as much as they love their partner. They may even be your significant other. If so, these heart-shaped jelly beans are the perfect treat for them.

10. Meat Sticks By Epic Provisions Store$39

Image by Amazon

Every meat lover and hiker is in need of a little extra protein. A variety pack of dried meat is perfect for them.

11. Baklava Bites By Edy's Grocer$30

Image by Edy's Grocer

A box of baklava from Edy’s Grocer is perfect for someone who loves something nutty and sweet (besides you).

12. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza By Lou Malnati's Pizza, $110

Image by Goldbelly

If your lover is a former Chicagoan and can’t get the real deal in their new city, this might be the next best thing. You can surprise them with four deep-dish pizzas from Lou Malnati’s from anywhere in the U.S.

 13. Habanero Hot Sauce By Night Owl Spice$30

Image by Etsy

If you're looking for something hot and spicy in your relationship, these hot sauces are what you and your partner need. These are perfect to eat with so much like eggs, tacos, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese.

14. Allie's Banana Bread$18

Allie’s Banana Bread is perfect for someone who loves gooey and fluffy foods. Your partner’s (and maybe you if they are willing to share) breakfast is sure to be elevated with flavors like chocolate chip, pb cup, oreo, and blondie. You can also find gluten-free and vegan options. 

15. Mochi Mochi Donuts$70

Image by Goldbelly

This super trendy Korean snack combines two amazing things: mochi and donuts. Chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, you can get mochi donuts in a 12-pack with flavors like chocolate, churro, strawberry, passionfruit, and coconut. 

16. Seven Sisters Scones$70

Image by Goldbelly

A slab of butter and a spread of jelly on lemon poppy, garlic herb, and triple chocolate can elevate breakfast to a whole 'nother level. Grab a pack of 12 scones from Seven Sisters Scones and surprise your significant other. There are also gluten-free options.