It's all treats for lovers of chicken-based interview shows on this Halloween. Chicken Shop Date's host Amelia Dimoldenberg and Hot Ones' interviewer Sean Evans are officially sitting down in the hot seat across from each other. It's the crossover event that's even more exciting than Stephen Colbert interviewing John Oliver. (And that is saying a lot!) As a quick refresher, Chicken Shop Date is a U.K.-based interview series where Dimoldenberg questions major celebs in the context of an awkward first date setting, and yes, chicken and chips are served. Some of her most viral interviews include chats with Matty Healy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Daniel Kaluuya. On the other hand, Evans puts his celeb guests through some discomfort as well during his show in the form of hot sauces that gradually rise on the Scoville scale. Guests on this show include the likes of Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and Margot Robbie. Plus, many celebrities have helped craft some of the internet's best memes. So basically, we are losing our minds over the forthcoming Chicken Shop Date x Hot Ones interview crossover. 

When and where can I see the crossover interviews?

For those ready to see the two interviewers share the hosting spotlight, you can catch the Chicken Shop Date x Hot Ones interviews this week on YouTube. Hot Ones featuring Dimoldenberg will arrive on Thursday, November 2. Then, Evans will be a guest on Chicken Shop Date, and that interview will go live on Friday, November 3. 

In the first promo video, both Evans and Dimoldenberg overlap each other's words and say, "Well, this is never gonna work out."

We are beyond thrilled to see Evans go on an awkward first date and watch Dimoldenberg go through the gauntlet and take the "last dab." In fact, I might even play along with her by getting my own Heatonist hot sauce pack. Stay tuned to see what the hosts discuss over some fried chicken.