While Valentine's Day just passed with its notorious identity for being the holiday to send gifts and treats to someone you love, there is one more event that college students more often than not find themselves receiving packages. That is- their birthdays. Birthday's happen all the time and today it's so easy to send a gift to someone far away. Here are my top 5 gifts to send all year-round as a birthday treat. 

1. Milk Bar

Milk Bar has a variety of cookies, truffles and even cakes to send to a friend. The flavors vary so there truly is something for everyone. Milk Bar has it all from classic layered confetti cakes to corn flavored cookies. The prices are affordable and the box comes in a colorful wrapping so it truly makes the perfect gift. The Birthday Truffle box is a festive birthday treat that anyone can enjoy alone or with their friends!

2. Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa are bite-sized cupcakes in many flavors. They range from classics like chocolate and peanut butter to tie-dye and chocolate chip pancake. These are a bit more pricey but it's definitely worth it. One awesome thing about these cupcakes is you can get gluten-free flavors as well, which makes it a great gift for a gluten-free dessert lover. You can choose online an amount of cupcakes to send, then customize it to choose the flavors you think your friend will like. They usually have classic flavors as well as festive ones if you wanted to send them for another holiday as well. 

3. Insomnia Cookies

You can never go wrong sending someone warm cookies...you really can't. Insomnia is great to send to your best friends that go to different schools because the stores are usually near campuses. There are many different flavor options and quantities you can choose from. You can send 2 cookies or even 24. Insomnia also has ice cream and cookie sandwiches so you can make your own creation and have it delivered right to your dorm. 

4. Jars by Dani

This dessert is not only a great gift but a cool concept. You choose the flavor- they also have healthier, protein-packed options- and it comes in a mason jar layered to the top with all the components! It's a great gift to give your artsy-VSCO obsessed friend because the look is trendy. Much like Baked by Melissa, there are holiday-themed jars and regular dessert flavored jars. Each large jar is $10, and when they say large they mean large! So it is a great price for all the goodness you are getting. 

5. Georgetown Cupcakes

These cupcakes are the best cupcakes to send to your friend who loves a big pink box. Georgetown Cupcakes are more expensive to send, but for your best friend anything is worth it, right? These cupcakes are prepared fresh then shipped in some ice to make sure they are the perfect temperature when delivered to the dorm. These are normal sized cupcakes and you can either customize your order or buy one of their preplanned themed boxes with themes like unicorn, St. Patricks Day, or Cherry Blossom Festival. These cupcakes are always worth the wait in line in a store so having them in your dorm mini fridge is a small luxury. 

Whether your friends are birthday lovers or not, these treats will put them in the mood to celebrate!