Recently, USC has expanded their Starbucks options for its students with 3 opening last semester in a .5 mile radius. With 6 spots to get your caramel macchiato fix, how do you choose the right one? There is no right answer, since every USC Starbucks caters to a different need. These are my top picks.

6. Village Target

Tanya Soni

This Starbucks is really not necessary with the Village Starbucks one minute away, although I am sure on-the-go Villagers appreciate it. It is fast, reliable, and perfect for a caffeine boost before a grocery run.

5. Expo Park/Fig

Tanya Soni

A Marshall student’s essential, this location is a 2 min walk from Fertitta Hall with low wait times and ample space. Since it's not on campus, you can do a normal mobile order without additional Tapingo fees. As great as this Starbucks is, it's really only convenient for Marshall students. 

4. Trojan Grounds

Tanya Soni

TroGro is the classic freshman Starbucks. Everyone has fond memories of standing in the long lines or paying way too much on Tapingo when in a rush. For these reasons, the TroGro Bucks is near the bottom of my list. Despite this, it's still the place to fuel those late night cramming sessions in Leavey. 

3. The Row/Fig

Tanya Soni

This drive-through Starbucks can be a savior for anyone with a car who is too lazy to walk in or picking up a big mobile order. This Starbucks has a prime location right at the end of 28th street. Since the opening of the Village Starbucks, there is less traffic around peak times and is an often forgotten gem when it comes to late night studying. 

2. The Village

Tanya Soni

If you can snag a seat at this trendy new Starbucks in the village, consider yourself lucky. The Village Starbucks is an aesthetic paradise, not to mention a great studying spot. From a large table to small studying corners, they have an option for you however you like to study.

1. Cafe 84

Tanya Soni

The newest addition to the USC Starbucks, Cafe 84 Starbucks is a relic of all the good times at Cafe 84 and their crepes. Although it may not have the nicest aesthetics, Cafe 84 is open 24/7 with a lot of tables, so goodbye all nighters in the dark depths of the Leavey stacks. This Starbuck is on the top of my list for when I need to have my coffee and study hard

Honorable Mentions: Campus Center/School of Cinematic Art Coffee Beans because honestly -as much as I love Starbucks- sometimes Coffee Bean is the way to go!