USC students are fortunate because we have a lot of coffee options around campus. There's *5* different Starbucks locations within a mile radius of campus, Nature's Brew, 2 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's, and Dulce. Each of these coffee places is good in it's own way, but the one that tops all of them is Dulce.

Here are just a few reasons why the next time you are looking for a Friday pick-me-up or a snack to get you through a late night of studying, you should look no further than Dulce in USC Village.

The Drinks

Priya Dhond

Dulce has your typical coffees and teas, but they also offer drinks like a matcha latte, a blueberry matcha latte, a coffee-free apple spiced latte, and my personal favorite, the dulce latte. The dulce latte is so unlike all of the other lattes I've had, because it is sweetened with sweetened condensed milk, which gives it a creamier and sweeter flavor. And, the milk that they use in the lattes is much thicker than that in Starbucks lattes, so each latte tastes  rich and smooth. Dulce lattes can't be beat, but if you're looking for a bomb latte recipe you can make without leaving the couch, try making this iced matcha latte.  

The Food

Dulce offers lots of different pastries like mini donuts, regular-sized donuts, sweet buns, and breads. Even better, they have vegan donuts, like the PB&J and coconut donut. On their main menu, they have many different kinds of sandwiches (on freshly baked breads) and salads, which makes it a perfect place for lunch or dinner. 

The Service 

I go to Dulce at least once a week (because I definitely have a coffee problem), and no matter how crowded it is, I am always welcomed by a nice and friendly cashier. If you're a first-timer and not sure what drink to try, they offer great recommendations based on your taste. And, the quality of their lattes is always good--even on their busiest and most rushed days. You can really tell that they pay careful attention to each of their drinks. 

The "Instagram Aesthetic"

Priya Dhond

I hate to admit it, but I'm *that* person who loves Instagramming their food (but hey, who doesn't?). Luckily, Dulce makes that easy for me, because their hot lattes come with carefully crafted hearts on top, which definitely make for a perfect Instagram opportunity. Even better is that inside the Dulce at USC Village, there is a beautifully painted mural, which livens up the store. If you're still new to the Instagramming-food game, here are some tips to make your post the most mouth-watering it can be.

Dulce isn't just a coffee spot, it's a perfect study space (since it's open until 11pm every night), coffee-date location, lunch spot, late-night snack destination, and Instagram-worthy cafe. So next time you're in USC Village craving some good coffee or good food, run, don't walk, to Dulce.