Trader Joe's is my favorite grocery store to shop at. I could spend hours there and still discover something new. It has incredible customer service, free samples, the best deals for the best products. But, most importantly Trader Joe's has these 35 items that will change your life and force you to only shop there. I've made 5 categories of Trader Joe's finest products: health foods, party-hosting foods, frozen foods, desserts, and random items. 

Health Foods 

These items are perfect for when you want to feel healthy but not spend all your money on a bag of kale and other veggies that will go bad in .2 seconds. Vegetarians and vegans can rejoice at all that Trader Joe's has to offer, because it's a lot.

Spelt Risotto 

tomato, vegetable
Sage Moran

Super easy vegetarian dinner that feels both healthy and indulgent. 

Riced Cauliflower

Since cauliflower is the new kale, make your life easier by avoiding the nightmare of making your own rice cauliflower. 

Green Juice

coffee, milk
Sage Moran

Somehow Trader Joe's makes me want to be healthy. I've completely hopped on the green smoothie train.

Fresh Produce 

sweet pepper, orange, chili, vegetable, pepper
Lacey Pike

Everything you could ever want for like $2.00. Shout outs to peppers, berries, and avocados for being the best.

Party-Hosting Foods 

Pick up these items for a guaranteed successful hosting job trust me your friends will thank us. (Also see desserts because those are important too)

Ghost Pepper Chips

Sage Moran

Only for those that like the spice life, but if you're about it you gotta try these. 

Bollywood Popcorn

Step up your basic popcorn game with this one of a kind popcorn, necessary for all movie nights. 

Toscano Pepper Cheese

Lacey Pike

It's cheese so you already know it's good, but this cheese is addicting and will be gone within the first 10 minutes of your wine and cheese night. 

Sriracha Chips

ice, coke, beer
Lacey Pike

I'm constantly finding ways to fuel my sriracha addiction and these chips are amaaazing.

2 Buck Chuck ( I mean....)

alcohol, wine, liquor, beer
Sage Moran

If you don't already know what this is, it's time. Trust me. 

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

egg, spinach, vegetable, cheese
Sage Moran

An easy way to trick your friends that you're an adult. 

Partially Popped Popcorn

coffee, beer
Lacey Pike

If you're one of those people that like eating the kernels of popcorns I'm about to change your life with this.

Fig and Olive Crisps

sweet, chocolate, cream
Sage Moran

I don't even like olives and these are amazing. I can't explain it, but definitely a perfect pairing with the Toscano Pepper Cheese.

Truffle Marcona Almonds

Healthier than truffle fries and dorm room approved. 

Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks

sweet, candy
Lacey Pike

For when you want a sweet semi healthy snack apple chips are the perfect solution.

Frozen Foods

For those times cooking is just not an option these foods are easy and delicious.

Mini Chicken Tacos

chicken, vegetable, meat
Tanya Soni

Never be unprepared for taco Tuesday again. 

Chicken Goyza Dumplings

alcohol, wine
Sage Moran

Perfect as a snack, or add in some frozen veggies and you have a full meal.

Turkey Meatballs

vegetable, beef, meat
Sage Moran

Perfect for adding some extra protein for your late night pasta cravings

Chicken Tikki Masala

meat, vegetable
Lacey Pike

Taste like you're eating at an authentic Indian restaurant, but you get to eat it at home without having to put pants on. 

4 Cheese Formaggio Frozen Pizza

cheese, pizza
Lacey Pike

The only frozen pizza that doesn't taste like cardboard. 

Açaí Packets

Save some money by DIYing açaí bowls, made easy by Trader Joe's of course.

Mac'n Cheese

sweet, pasta, macaroni, popcorn, vegetable, corn
Lacey Pike

Super cheesy and perfect. Has anyone ever had something bad to say about mac'n cheese?


No explanation needed for these. Try them all, you will have no ragrets, not even a letter.

Ice-Cream Sandwiches 

cake, cookie, chocolate
Lacey Pike

The cookies stay soft guys this is not a drill. #Magic


beer, coffee, tea
Lacey Pike

I just tried these for the first time and they are 100% life changing.

Mini Chocolate chip cookies

jam, tea
Lacey Pike

Similar to Tate's cookies and cheap so a win-win in my book.

Jo Jo cookies 

There are so many varieties so if you are still confused on which ones to pick Spoon's got ya covered


pastry, cake, cookie, chocolate, candy, sweet
Lacey Pike

I always feel fancy eating macarons, even if it's me eating all 12 at 2 A.M.

Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels

candy, cake, chocolate
Sage Moran

The perfect amount of salty and sweet with whatever type of chocolate you pick. Just be warned you may eat the entire bag in one sitting. 

Cookie Butter  

milk, peanut butter, dairy product
Lacey Pike

If you haven't tried it now is the time. It's perfect for every occasion and will make everything 100 times better. Also, try all the cookie butter assorted products like cookies and ice cream, you will never be disappointed. 

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Step up your gain Reeces. 

Mini Ice-Cream Cones

chips, spam, chocolate, candy
Lacey Pike

Perfect for when you want to treat yo self to a lil something. 


These may not fit into any of the categories before but they all are A+ players.

TJ Olive Oil

liquor, wine, alcohol, beer
Lacey Pike

TJ's back at it again with the cheap and necessary for every kitchen products. 

TJ Coffee

Lacey Pike

Necessary to getting through finals. Cheaper and better than the coffee at Starbucks. 

21 Seasoning Salute

Sage Moran

Spice up your life, cuz this seasoning is perfect on everything.

Apple Juice

yogurt, dairy product, milk
Lacey Pike

This apple juice taste like you just went apple picking and made it fresh. PSA apple picking is one of life's greatest joys. 

Chai Latte Mix 

Lacey Pike

If coffee isn't your thing you have to try this chai latte mix. Your wallet will thank you. 

Trader Joe's is full of hidden gems and there besides what's listed above there are still so many more things to try. Everyone has their own favorite products at Trader Joe's and the only way to find your favorites is to eat everything.  It's like Pokemon.. don't stop till you try 'em all.