With all of the various outlets of technology that have erupted in the 21st-century, it’s easy to forget all the way back to the 90s. Before there were sour patch kids cutting off people’s hair and people taking a twix break, there were gushers that turned kids’ heads into fruit and magic balls with a surprise inside. Do you still have no recollection of your favorite 90s snack commercials? No worries, we’ve compiled them all together to help jog your memory and bring you back to the good ol’ days.


A little cookie with a lot of icing was always the perfect combination.

Fruit Roll-Ups

Whether it’s fruit by the foot, tattoos, or money, it was always a good day when your mom packed this snack in your lunch.


Disclaimer: product turns your head into a piece of fruit is not included.

Nestle Magic Ball

Because the only thing better than a chocolate ball is a surprise treat inside.

Dannon Sprinkl’ins

The yogurt made it healthy enough for your mom to give it to you, while the sprinkles made it tasty enough for you to actually eat it.

Pop Tarts Crunch Cereal

Combining the best two breakfast options: pop tarts and cereal.

French Toast Crunch

Bite-sized french toast? Yes please.

Bagel Bites

You could eat pizza anytime.

Slim Jim

No matter how many times I watch that commercial I still never know what he’s saying.


The good ‘ol days when all you had to do was squeeze a bottle to get your juice.


Whatever happened to Chester??


Unfortunately, you can’t change the color of the room just by eating this popsicle.

Hot Pockets

The hot meal without a big deal.


Still arguably the best chip around.

Keebler’s Magic Middles

The cutest little elves around.


If your mom let you drink this, she was definitely a cool mom.