Sure, trick-or-treating was a swell way to spend Halloween as a ten-year-old kid. But, that’s not you anymore. I mean, you’re not even the same teen who spent Halloween nights binging all the Scream movies with friends (or Mom, in my case) while eating candy corn. No, you’re in college now, and that means alcohol — or some sort of repetitive drinking activity — always plays a role in whatever you’re doing outside of studying. That’s where I come to the rescue with the best Halloween movie drinking game that’s ever existed on this planet and in this galaxy (you can talk to my lawyer if you disagree).

#SpoonTip: Drinking can be fun, but be responsible. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking. Stay safe!

Whether you’re checking out Talk to Me or renting classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street, this game will work. Why? Because the rules are simple. You take a shot anytime one of the following horror film tropes takes place on screen. To avoid the next-morning hangover, do shots of pickle brine instead of alcohol. Or just opt for small sips of a more dilute alcoholic beverage.

Need some recs before getting started? I like to mix things up and go from 1990s cult classics like Scream to iconic 1950s atomic-bomb-radiation-made-monster films like Them! I highly suggest watching House of Wax (1953), The Night of The Hunter (1955), The Blob (1958), Attack Of The 50 ft Woman (1958), The Exorcist (1973), Halloween (1978), Poltergeist (1982), Sleepaway Camp (1983), Day Of The Dead (1985), and The Ring (2002). There are so many more gory, terrible special effects-laden films. Check out this Rolling Stones article to create your perfect horror movie binge list.

Jump scare

Any scene that makes you jump like my cat when he hears the vacuum is a Jump Scare. You know, everything gets a little too quiet, and suddenly one of the protagonist’s friends' heads rolls out of the dark. There’s also the common jump scare of the cat in the closet (this is my particular favorite). Take a shot.

Can’t find the keys

One of the characters gets trapped with the monster in a room. The door’s locked, and none of the other characters can find the keys. Or, the characters have finally escaped the killer by getting into a car and locking the doors. The only problem is, no one can find the car keys. Take a shot.

Seance Scene

If an Ouija Board even so much as shows up on screen, take a shot.

Found footage

Think The Blair Witch Project. If people find and watch recordings related to the monster/killer, take a shot.

Creepy clowns

Let’s be honest. All clowns are creepy. Any time a clown appears on-screen, take a shot.

“Let’s split up”

Whether they say “let’s split up” or begin to separate due to other forces, the characters will get separated. They’re easier to murder that way. Take a shot every time splitting up leads to someone’s death.

“I’ll be back”

This character is not coming back. Take a shot when they die.

The car won’t start

There’s been a nail-biting race to the car, and one of the main characters puts the key in the ignition. For a moment, you’re relieved, thinking they have escaped. But then, the car won’t start and with each passing second the monster/killer is getting closer to the car. If this happens, take a shot.

A possessed doll

If the doll is scary, it’s alive. When a character turns their back on the doll, it will attack them. Take a shot every time a living doll kills someone.

An expert who explains monster or evil

An academic who has spent their entire life studying this monster/killer for some inexplicable reason. Pretty much, anytime you see someone in a tweed jacket with elbow patches and a pair of glasses on screen, take a shot.

The Final Girl

If everyone dies except for one bad-ass woman who finally rids the world of this monster/killer, take a shot. That’s your Final Girl, she’s an icon. Watch The Final Girls if you enjoy this trope as much as I do.

No cell service

Anytime someone says anything along the lines of, “the phone isn’t working,” “we have no cell service,” “the phone is dead,” etc… take a shot. Blood spillage is about to get out of hand.

The weapon just out of reach

The killer has the protagonist in a chokehold, and there’s a weapon that would save the character. Unfortunately, the weapon is a centimeter too far from their fingers. When this happens, take an immediate shot. You’ll need it.

Lights flicker, explode, or turn off when the villain/evil spirit approaches

Think Poltergeist! If you’re watching a supernatural horror film, this trope is sure to come up. When it does, take a shot.