Halloween is today and with that comes the inevitable, horror movies on every channel. You either love or hate them, but you can't avoid them. Of course when watching movies, snacks are a must, but why not amp it up for Halloween and have some fun and creative treats? Here are the best snacks to eat while watching horror movies this spooky season.

Nightmare on Elm Street: Kabobs

Freddy Kruger has those long, metal claw-like fingers that just make your skin crawl. What better reminiscent of those fingers than kabobs? You can go either way with this one, whether craving a full meal with a meat and veggie skewer, or a fruity treat, but both will bring out your inner slasher.  

It: Clown Cones

You either love clowns, or are incredibly terrified of them. "It" is one of those movies based around a killer clown, so if you're watching this film and want a lighter treat, eat a clown cone: a scoop of ice cream with a cone on top decorated to look like a clown face wearing a hat. Not only will clowns appear less terrifying, but you'll also be able to enjoy a sweet treat in between screams. 

The Shining: Hot Chocolate

A movie that takes place in the cold winter of Colorado will definitely give you the chills, if you aren't already scared out of your mind. Hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up while watching this scary flick. 

The Conjuring: Hand Shaped Cookies

The best part about cookies, aside from the taste, is that you can make them into any shape you want. So why not cut them into the shape of a hand to think back to playing hide and clap just as they do in the movie? Something sweet to go along with something spooky.

Paranormal Activity: Chex Mix

Chex Mix is just one of those snacks where you open up the bag and you never know what you are going to get. In the dark theater or dark room, you'll pull something different from the bag each time. Just like the dark in the movie, always expect a surprise. 

The Ring: Onion Rings

Haha get it? But anyways, sometimes snacks are better when they have puns or relate to the title of the movie a little. Besides, who wouldn't want to indulge on the crunchy, fried snack?

Halloween: Stuffed Cupcakes

Michael Myers is terrifying, especially coming at you with a knife. So why not cut into your own cupcake to reveal a surprise inside that could be anything from sprinkles to more frosting to candy? Try an unexpected surprise that anyone will enjoy. 

The Exorcist: Green Jello

Ok so the relevance here is kind of nasty, but when the girl throws up during the exorcism, it's a green color that can only be described as similar to that of green jello. Indulge on the sweet treat while fending off the inner demons. 

Psycho: Red Wine

So only if you're of age, but Psycho involves a scene where a woman is stabbed to death, leaving behind a blood spatter everywhere. No food or drink fits the color of blood better than red wine. With no jump scares in this film you won't have to worry about making a mess and having your couch or carpet look like a crime scene.