It's that wonderful time of year again. Halloween is almost upon us, which means, for us horror buffs, it's the perfect time to indulge in some classic scares and thrills. And of course, a cozy night of terrors wouldn't be complete without food, because Halloween is all about sweets, after all. So bring your appetite, gather your friends, start your Netflix list, and let's get this scare fest started.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street": Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a classic slasher is "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Freddy Krueger perfected the slasher/horror genre. This franchise had some of the most creative death scenes in the industry, such as Johnny's Depp's bed scene, the human puppet scene, and of course, the iconic bath scene. 

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Audrey Chisholm

Not only was Freddy terrifying due to his burn scars and iconic glove, but he could get to his victims in their dreams. The only way to avoid him was to not fall asleep, because if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. These mocha chocolate chip cookies are perfect for keeping you up (and alive) all night long. Not only are they scrumptious, but they have a kick of caffeine. If only the children of Elm Street had this delectable treat to rely on to stay awake instead of coffee, maybe they would've had a happier ending. Whatever you do, don't fall asleep.

"The Lost Boys": Rapini Noodles

You can't have Halloween without vampires. Some of the special effects don't stand the test of time, and there's a little overacting here and there, but this film is highly entertaining to watch. This engaging '80s cult classic has the best vampires, complete with leather jackets, boots, and big hair. 

This film adds their own twist to vampires, but still shows respect to vampire lore. These vampires don't sparkle in the sunlight, they only come out at night and have an appetite for blood like true vampires. 

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Alyssa DiFrancesco

The ball starts rolling during the Chinese takeout scene, especially when Michael notices something wrong with the noodles. No worries here, this Rapini Noodles recipe contains only non-worm ingredients. Remember, "they're only noodles, Michael."

"It Follows": Candy Corn Bark

This film is probably one of the best thriller films to come out recently. Sure, most people have an issue with the ending, but it allows the viewer to draw their own conclusion. This film is truly a work of art because it's a metaphor for transitioning from adolescence into adulthood. The monster is supposed to represent aging, and your time comes when "the monster" gets to you. 

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Olivia Chadwick

Enjoy this film with some candy corn bark. This treat takes the iconic Halloween candy and combines it with sugary treats and a touch of saltiness to balance it out. Like the film, this treat takes something ordinary, and makes it unique by adding other concepts to it. 

"The Conjuring 2": Sugar Cookies

One of the best sequels ever made. We can agree to disagree regarding the plot, but this film had some amazing cinematography and special effects, and probably the scariest demon. Best thing of all, this film doesn't rely on jump scares. "The Conjuring 2" has some legitimately terrifying moments. 

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Amanda Shulman

The sweetest moment of this film happens when the youngest son offers his distraught mother some biscuits, making these classic sugar cookies the perfect to pairing to this film. Despite all the chaos happening to this family, they're still trying to make the best of it. 

"Hocus Pocus": Candy Corn Cookies

If you're not big on screams and jump scares, then Disney has your back. If you grew up watching Disney Channel, then it's a tradition to watch Hocus Pocus every Halloween. But this film does have a dark undertone, despite the comedy and catchy musical number—the Sanderson sisters need to steal children's souls to secure the power (and eternal youth) that they crave. 

Brian Cleary

Candy corn is pretty much everything great about Halloween wrapped up into a sugary triangle, and what better way to eat it than watching Hocus Pocus? There's no shame in channeling your inner child with these candy corn cookies. Perfect for a nostalgic trip to Salem.

"Halloween": Vegan Candy Corn

How can you go through the entire month of October and not watch this film? Unlike Freddy Krueger, Michael has no expression as he's committing the crimes—he is a cold, silent killer. But Michael's motives changed from the original to the sequel, going from a classic slasher monster to more of a misunderstood person.

Morgan Nielsen

Again, candy corn is the ultimate treat for Halloween. For this vegan candy corn recipe, we see a classic being reimagined, making them perfect to munch on during this scare fest. 

"Carrie": Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pie

"Carrie" is a perfect example of karma. Carrie is bullied by her classmates and her mother, but she has a fighting chance when she discovers she possesses telekinesis. Out of sympathy from one of her classmates, Carrie has a chance at fun and freedom for the first time when she's taken to the prom. However, the moment of joy is short lived and Carrie finally gets a sweet piece of revenge pie.

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Hui Lin

Although she burned most of the school, Carrie is still a scared, innocent, and lonely high school girl. She had a horrible upbringing thanks to her deranged mother, but by the end of the film, that's the only person she can turn to. Carrie just wants her mother to accept her. This Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pie is bittersweet from the chocolate, but sweet and savory from the caramel. Just like Carrie, this pie is sweet and innocent, but has a kick to it.

"Scream": Corn Dog Muffins

Wes Craven changed slasher films when he released "Scream." This movie created it's own iconic villain, but also poked fun at typical slashers. Throughout the film, the characters follow the cliches of slasher films and are called out in the film. This film leans more to the mystery genre with a slasher genre approach.

Julia Liang

Want to add something different to your movie night? Sink your teeth into these little morsels. These corn dog muffins represent "Scream" because they're both different (and genius) takes on classic ideas. Try out this recipe and see for yourself.

"The Witch": Nacho Tater Tots

This film is, in a word, intense. The plot circles around a family that has been banned from their town and has to live on their own. As the title says, a witch is pulling the family apart one death at a time. This begs the question, is there actually a witch living amongst them in the woods or could someone in the family be the cause of this? The fact that this film briefly takes place before the Salem witch trials makes this all the more eerie. 

meat, vegetable, sauce, beef, pork, parsley
Emma Lally

Just like this recipe, "The Witch" is inventive and intense. Once this film starts, it'll have your full attention and you won't be able to drag yourself away from this awesome fusion of nachos and tater tots

Halloween movies are great to watch all year around, but October will always be the month of all things spooky. To get yourself into the spirit before the big night, dust off your DVDs (or, ya know, start up Netflix) and whip up some of these decadent treats. Happy haunting!