Pickles are a fan favorite food. With so many types to choose from, it makes sense that the jar would empty pretty quickly, only to be left with the leftover pickle juice. But, what if you could reuse that pickle juice and not just throw it away? Below is a list of 10 ways to reuse your leftover pickle juice. C'mon, you know you want to. 

Pickle Something New

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Kimberly Kao

Seems obvious enough, but to some, leftover pickle juice should just be poured down the drain and the jar recycled. However, leftover pickle juice can be used more than once. Throw in some cucumbers, carrots, onions, or any other vegetables in the brine to create your own homemade creations. 

Tenderize or Marinate Meat 

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Jocelyn Hsu

If you're looking to try something new when cooking your chicken or steak, use the leftover pickle juice as a marinade or meat tenderizer to amp up the flavor. Because it is super acidic, it will help tenderize the meat and add a little oomph of flavor you've been missing out on. 

#SpoonTip: Soak your chicken in the brine before frying it for an extra salty, yet delicious flavor. 

Make Pickle Bread

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Rica Beltran

Try something new in your bread and add some pickle juice to it. The brine can be used in place of water in your typical bread recipe, helping to bind the dry ingredients and adding the acidity that the average slice of bread may need. 

Add Flavor to Other Foods

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Isabel van Weegen

Pickles make everything better, and so can the juice. As if it hasn't been said enough, pickles have a large amount of acid and the tangy flavor can add a kick to any burger meat, Bloody Mary, or even French fries (pre-frying, of course). 

Make Pickle Popsicles

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Jen Baron

This sounds funky, but, supposedly, pickle juice makes for a great frozen treat. Sonic has even made a pickle juice slushie. So if that hasn't convinced you enough, freeze your leftover pickle juice for a tangy chilled popsicle. 

Use It as a Hangover Cure

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Melissa Miller

For those of you above age who experience the side effects that may come with drinking alcohol, desperate times call for desperate measures. Supposedly pickle juice is said to help cure a hangover. It helps with the depleted sodium levels you may experience and can help with dehydration as well. 

Use it for Cleaning

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Angela Pizzimenti

Because of its high acidic content thanks to vinegar, pickle juice can be used as a cleaning agent, helping to lift charred bits off of copper pans and dirty grills. 

Spray It in the Garden

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Alex Frank

If you want to stay natural in the garden, use pickle juice as a natural weed killer or to help the soil gain nutrients that will help your plants to grow and thrive even more than expected. 

Use as a Vinegar Replacement

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Hannah Petersen

Pickle juice works in place of vinegar in salad dressing, soups, or really, in most recipes. It's basically just a souped-up version of vinegar, and it has about the same acid content.

So all in all, if you takeaway anything here, never get rid of your leftover pickle juice. You never know what use you may need it for.