Sonic Drive-In is taking the fast food world by storm.

The chain continually attracts customers by carrying the classic menu favorites such as cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, loaded hot dogs, and tater tots. Their drinks are classic too, from limeade and lemonade to their famous slush drinks.

And the best part? THEY ARE SO CHEAP!

A popular deal offered by the chain is their "Happy Hour," where from 2-4pm, customers can get 1/2 priced drinks and slushes. After seeing its success over the years, for summer 2018, the chain is offering a new Snow Cone Slushes lineup.

One of the guessed it- The Pickle Juice Slush. We're already guessing everyone's faces will look like this after that first sip.

We get it. Pickles are SO good, but the juice always seems to go to waste.

Everyone in the world has tried to put pickle juice to good use. Recipes I have seen use pickle juice as a salad vinaigrette, mixing it into a cooking marinade, and even adding it to a dipping sauce.

Pickle juice as the next Ranch? Don't know if I could get on board with that one...

But a frozen slush drink? That's a new one for us all. 

Sonic is so used to stepping outside of the box though, especially in the drink department. You name it- they have it. Any type of combination of fruit and lemonade or limeade you want... iced or frozen, they carry it. They have drinks with real fruit chunks and any candy flavor imaginable.

Perhaps the most innovative by far is their slushes that come with popping candy and crushed Jolly Ranchers. But with all of this sweetness to offer, I never thought that they would step over to the dark side with this sour combination. 

But Sonic knew the force would be strong with this one. Foodbeast had the chance to try the new creation at Sonic's headquarters. They said the drink was made with a briny, acidic syrup, but still packed with enough sweetness to lighten the punch (or should I say force) of sourness one may expect.

A neat fact about Sonic is that you can get their flavored syrups on anything you want. You want pickle flavored fries? Have a dip. You want pickle flavored chicken? Eat a strip. You want another pickle flavored drink? Take a sip. Want these promotions to continue? Leave a tip -Just kidding. You have the power this summer with Sonic.

"Other flavors will include Bahama Mama, Blue Hawaiian, and Tiger's Blood."

Sonic's Snow Cone Slush lineup will feature your typical flavors, but the pickle juice slush has a special connection to the company. Their slushes were once all originally mixed in cleaned pickle buckets, so there would be a hint of the sour flavor in every single slush.

I think I'll give this little taste of history a try... Will you?