With Haverfest quickly approaching, these easy spring drinks will help you get #turnt in this great weather for all the fun events around campus. Instead of gross Gatorade mixed drinks, follow these easy recipes for some unique, boozy fun! And of course, enjoy without the alcohol for a safe, friendly time. 

Vodka and Grapefruit Juice

The first easy spring drink to kick off this wonderful list is probably the most simple of all. Simply pour your desired amount of vodka and mix with grapefruit juice for a fruity, fun drink perfect for any hot day. 

Summer Shandy

If you're not looking for anything hard, this is the drink for you. For this basic, yet delicious drink, take your pick of 12 oz (preferably light) beer mix with a half cup of lemonade, and enjoy! 

Frozen Margs

Another classic and simple drink, ideal for any outdoor darty, is a frozen margarita. Put ice, tequila, and marg mix into a blender and mix until the ice is blended and the drink is like a slushy. Pour into a glass and add a little fruit for yet another good-looking drink! 


If you're feeling sophisticated enough for a little mojito, go to the store and grab some rum, mojito mix (because who has time for the actual real thing), and seltzer. Mix them all together and, of course, add ice if you're going to be outside. Garnish your drink off with a little fresh mint if you're feeling really fancy.


A classic #summertime drink, sangria can be made with wine (boxed, of course), white for extra spring flavor, vodka, and ginger ale. Mix the vodka and wine together in a pitcher. Go to the store to get some fresh fruit such as apples, lemons, limes, and oranges, cut them up, and throw them in there with the drink.

Let it soak overnight to get the ultimate flavor, add in the ginger ale when it's time to drink, and cheers!

Fruit Punch

For this one, you will need vodka (of any flavor really), orange juice, cranberry juice, and seltzer. Add your desired amount of alcohol, and add the cranberry juice and orange juice until the drink is not too strong. Finish it off with a little seltzer to get that #bubbly.

Tequila Sunrise 

Another classy drink to start your morning (that must be what the sunrise is for?). Add tequila and orange juice to ice in a glass and stir. Then, slowly pour in grenadine. Finish your drink by adding a cherry or orange slice for a truly Instagram worthy drink. 

So, if you are looking for some tasty, easy spring drinks that go perfect with the impending warm weather, follow these tips and remember, drink responsibly! Cheers to spring!