This past winter was a rough one—many states came close to breaking snowfall records and more than a few experienced below freezing temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, I love my chunky scarf but enough is enough.


Whether you’re looking for something to snack on or something to sip on, these recipes will turn up the heat (at least in the kitchen).

Happy spring eating:

1. Watermelon Margaritas


Photo by Lauren Kaplan

If you wish you were tanning by the pool instead of staring into the empty void of your computer screen, take a swig of this (it has nearly the same effect).

2. Sweet Potato Tacos


Photo by Ali Toes

This recipe puts a healthy and unique twist on a classic Mexican dish.

3. Jamaican Chicken Curry


Photo courtesy of Bonnie Wu

In the words of Bob Marley, “don’t worry about a thing,” because this tasty chicken is sure to melt your sorrows away.

4. Quesadillas


Photo by Devon Carlson

When it comes to quesadillas, the possibilities are endless. Vegetarians will especially love this recipe. If you have any extra tortillas, save them for dessert.

5. Spicy Oven Crisped Chickpeas


Photo by Mulin Xiong

Put the potato chips away. With these, you’ll never snack the same way again.

6. Guacamole


Photo by Parisa Soraya

If you’re tired of paying extra, whip up your own delicious bowl of guac.

7. Fruit Salsa


Photo by Santina Renzi

You can’t have guac without some salsa on the side. Try sweet instead of savory with this fruity variation.

8. Coconut Black Bean Stew


Photo by Keah Hansen

Chowing down on this delicious soup will wipe away the rest of your winter blues.

9. Honey-Siracha Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Photo by Maggie Gorman

If you’re craving something with a kick, look no further than these bite-sized noms.

10. Rice and Beans


Photo by Antonia Drummond

It’s rice and beans. What more could you ask for?

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