Canada may be known for hockey, Justin Bieber, and our good-looking Prime Minister that's made Vogue's list of the sexist men, but we're more than just a pretty face. One thing that's often overlooked is Canada's epic food game. Canadian desserts range from classic Saskatoon pie to trendy freakshakes. Just like our people, the food is a mix of cultures and traditions that are combined to create something amazing. Starting from the West, these are the 50 most insane Canadian desserts that you need to add to your bucket-list. 

1. Ice Cream Sandwich from Cold Comfort (Victoria, B.C.)

This local creamery uses seasonally-inspired flavors to make their dessert sandwiches, like this pumpkin ice cream in October. To find out more about their unique flavors (bacon-brown sugar-buttermilk, anyone?), check out this article here.

2. Nanaimo Bar from Mon Petit Choux (Nanaimo, B.C.)

These bars are made with chocolate, custard, and graham cracker, and they can be found at every Canadian barbecue. Seriously. You know how people always show up to a BBQ with potato salad? We show up with multiple trays of Nanaimo bars. Enjoy them in the city of Nanaimo, where they originated.

3. Ice Cream Taco from Rain or Shine (Vancouver, B.C.)

Forget the savoury Taco Tuesday recipes; up your game with this ice-cream filled taco. It's the perfect way to brighten up a rainy day in Vancouver (which is most of the year, really).

4. Crème Brûlée from Crackle Crème (Vancouver, B.C.)

This dessert café offers artisan crème brûlée in unique flavors like honey lavender, Earl Grey, and white chocolate rose. They even have vegan options, which is pretty impressive because a traditional crème brûlée recipe calls for a whole lotta cream and eggs.

5. Doughnuts from Cartems Donuterie (Vancouver, B.C.)

This beloved donuterie offers original flavors, such as a London Fog doughnut stuffed with whipped cream and an Earl Grey doughnut topped with rose petals (how aesthetic is that?). Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

6. Ice Cream Sandwich from Made by Mister (Vancouver, B.C.)

This artisan ice cream shop uses liquid nitrogen to create their masterpieces. The ice cream is literally smokin' when it first comes out, and it makes for some sweet Insta pics. 

7. Crafted Desserts from 720 Sweets & Etc (Vancouver, B.C.)

Although the menu at 720 Sweets is constantly changing, each dessert is always more innovative and exciting than the last. The current ice cream is literally in the shape of a fish. How cool is that?

8. Shake at REGRUB (Calgary, A.B.)

Skip the gourmet milkshakes at Blacktap in New York and check out these shakes from REGRUB instead (aka. burger spelled backwards because that's just how we do things in Canada). Can't afford a plane ticket to Calgary? Don't worry - you can still make freakshakes at home

9. Doughnuts at Jelly Modern Doughnuts (Calgary, A.B.)

If you've ever wanted to taste Oprah-approved doughnuts, now is your chance. These addicting little treats come in some classic Canadian flavors, such as maple bacon. You can also buy Nenshi's salted caramel, a shoutout to Calgary's mayor whose hilarious tweets have become infamous in Calgary.

10. Mini Donuts at the Calgary Stampede (Calgary, A.B.)

Any Calgarian will tell you that the best part of Stampede is the annual mini donuts (and booze). These dough balls are coated in cinnamon sugar and then deep-fried to perfection. I'm drooling just thinking about them.

11. Sundaes from Made by Marcus (Calgary, A.B.)

This local shop produces innovative sundaes that have Calgarians queuing down the block. Even if you're not a fan of the unicorn trend, I bet this unicorn sundae made with strawberry white chocolate would still taste pretty darn good.

12. Dessert Poutine from The Big Cheese (Calgary, A.B.)

You might have heard of people trying the classic Canadian poutine, but I betcha haven't heard of the dessert version. Made with fries, cinnamon, and a sugary sauce, this poutine is unlike anything you've had before.

13. Saskatoon Berry Pie from The Berry Barn (Saskatoon, S.K.)

This berry pie is one of the classic Canadian desserts that your grandmother makes for a summer family reunion. Saskatoon berries may look like blueberries, but don't be fooled; they have a distinct, nutty flavor. The Berry Barn does a mean version of a Saskatoon pie that any traveler should try. 

14. Afternoon Tea from Little Bird Patisserie (Saskatoon, S.K.) 

This tiny café is well-known among locals for its petite macarons and fancy high tea. With decadent flavor combinations like lavender, honey, and walnut cake, you can expect to feel like you're dining in an English tea shop.

15. Sweet Rolled Crepe from Kawaii Crepe (Winnipeg, M.B.)

If you've ever fantasized about swapping your waffle cone for a crepe, then now is your chance. This Japanese-inspired creperie packs its creations with everything from peanut butter cream cheese to dairy-free chocolate fudge. Yes. Please.

16. Doughnuts from Bronuts (Winnipeg, M.B.)

Honestly, the name of this place alone (#gonutsforBronuts) should sell you on these quirky doughnuts. But if you aren't sold already, then you will be once you discover the fun flavors like pineapple dip with toasted almonds. It even has a maraschino cherry in it. Just FYI. 

17. TimBits from Tim Horton's (Hamilton, O.N.)

A journey to the original Tim Horton's is a pilgrimage that every Canadian should be taking. Although the building has since been converted into a two-story structure with a museum, you can still buy good ol' Timmy doughnuts in the downstairs shop.

18. Chocolate Fondue from Dunk'n Dip (Mississauga, O.N.)

You can enjoy fondue and other chocolate-y treats at this dessert lounge while relaxing on cozy couches. Choose to dunk brownies, éclairs, cookies, or fresh seasonal fruit. Or you could just dunk your face into the chocolate. That's pretty tempting too.

19. Pastries from SanRemo Bakery (Mississauga, O.N.)

SanRemo is considered one of the trendiest bakeshops to visit in the Greater Toronto Area, and it's easy to see why. With their Italian desserts and artisan coffee, it's an aesthetic dream. Your foamed latte might even feature the Toronto skyline, or an impression of a celebrity.

20. Ice Cream from Sweet Jesus (Toronto, O.N.)

This pimped-out soft-serve ice cream is what childhood dreams are made of. Sweet Jesus is beloved by both locals and tourists alike, and you can often see people strolling the streets of Toronto with a red velvet cone in hand (cream cheese icing included). Read about another writer's magical experience at Sweet Jesus here.

21. Coffee-in-a-Cone from Balzac's Coffee Roasters (Toronto, O.N.)

Hailed as the world's "most instagrammable coffee," it's no surprise that #coffeeinacone has racked up over a million hits on Insta. As the name suggests, this treat is literally coffee in a chocolate-coated waffle cone. Just be sure to eat it quick - the chocolate will melt within 10 minutes, which means that you could wind up with coffee all over your jeans.

22. Big Bang Cone from Bang Bang (Toronto, O.N.)

This Hong Kong style waffle cone has a bubbly texture that makes it ridiculously photogenic. Enjoy it with two scoops of inventive ice cream flavors, such as London Fog or Genmaicha-Matcha Tiramisu.

23. Chimney Cones from Eva's (Toronto, O.N.)

You don't need to travel to Hungary to try chimney cake. These cinnamon-sugar treats are stuffed with a variety of toppings (white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, tiramisu), and then finished with soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Eva's has an open kitchen, so you can even watch the dough being finished in the rotisserie grill. Vegan options available.

24. Cookie Dough from Junked Food Co. (Toronto, O.N.)

You know how growing up your parents told you never to eat raw cookie dough or you'd get sick? Well, now's your chance. This edible cookie dough is 100% okay to eat, and 100% delicious.

25. Drake Cookies from Bake Shoppe (Toronto, O.N.)

If there's one thing that Canadians love, it's championing our people. Pop by the Bake Shoppe for a cookie stamped with one of our favorite celebrity's faces: Drake. If Drake isn't your thing, then don't worry; the shop has plenty of other quirky cookies to choose from.

26. Birthday Cake Truffles from Milk Bar (Toronto, O.N.)

I'm a big believer that everyday should be your special day, and with these birthday cake truffles, it really can be. You can buy these vanilla and white chocolate balls of goodness in packs of three for $5. Or you can save money by making your own copycat truffles.

27. Rolled Ice Cream from Arctic Bites (Toronto, O.N.)

As a person that has experienced snow in August, I can honestly say that Canadians don't wait around for sun to eat ice cream; we enjoy Arctic Bites even when the weather is actually arctic temperature. This Thai ice cream is hand-rolled right in front of you, so you can watch the process take place. 

28. Cheesecake at Uncle Tetsu's (Toronto, O.N.)

While not strictly among the list of Canadian desserts, it would be a crime not to include cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu's on this list. As any Torontonian will tell you, once you try this fluffy cheesecake crafted with high-quality ingredients, you can never enjoy another cheesecake again. 

29. Cannoli from Cannoli Queens (Toronto, O.N.)

These Italian pastries get a major makeover at Cannoli Queens. They have the same light outer shell and cream filling as a traditional cannoli recipe, but they come in exciting seasonal flavors like Pumpkin, Gingerbread, and Candy Cane.

30. Gourmet Milkshake from Peace Treats (Toronto, O.N.)

cream, ice, ice cream, sundae, sprinkles, chocolate
Hana Baig

The only thing better than these OTT shakes are their names. Try a 'Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday,' which features a vanilla shake topped with a chunk of cake. If you're a caffeine-addict, then you'll love 'Brewed Awakening,' which is a coffee milkshake drizzled with Nutella and marbled chocolate. You really can't go wrong here.

31. Churros with S'mores Dip from Local Public Eatery (Toronto, O.N.)

My family went camping this summer and there was a bear on the campsite, and our tent nearly collapsed, but it was all okay because we had s'mores. I am a firm believer that s'mores can fix anything. I can't even begin to imagine what s'mores and churros can do together.

32. Literally Any Dessert from Caffe Demetre (Toronto, O.N.)

This dessert café might look like any other, but the secret to Demetre's success is their high-quality ingredients. If you're expecting tinned peaches and bulk chocolate, prepare to be impressed; Demetre's uses only fresh fruit delivered daily and Barry Callebaut chocolate.

33. Butter Tarts from Betty's Pies & Tarts (Cobourg, O.N.)

Butter tarts are a staple dessert in any Canadian diet. They're basically a flaky pastry filled with butter, eggs, sugar, and maple syrup. Betty's tarts have been voted the best butter tarts in the Greater Toronto Area, and it's easy to see why. With their warm buttery filling, they taste like the ultimate comfort food. 

34. Artisan Doughnuts from SuzyQ (Ottawa, O.N.)

SuzyQ prides itself on mixing classic flavors with experimental ones, and I have to say that the latter category gets pretty wacky. Blue Vanilla Froot Loop doughnuts? You ain't gonna find those anywhere else.

35. BeaverTails from BeaverTails (Ottawa, O.N.)

What better place to try Canada's (un)official dessert than the capital of Canada itself? These whole wheat pastries are served piping hot, most commonly with cinnamon sugar or chocolate hazelnut spread. Did you know that 31 people have actually proposed with a BeaverTail? True story: that's how we make declarations of love in Canada.

36. Kronuts from Art-Is-In Bakery (Ottawa, O.N.)

You can't go wrong with any pastry from art-is-in bakery, but the highlight is definitely the homemade kronuts (that's a cross between a croissant and a doughnut, FYI). Make sure to come on a Thursday to experience 'crazy Kronuts,' where the team gets inventive with flavors.

37. Waffles from L'Ouefrier (Montreal, Q.C.)

This breakfast place has several locations across Quebec, and it's easy to see why it's popular. With ten different waffle types to choose from, there's something on the menu for everybody. There's also a selection of smoothies, fresh juices, or 'waffle shakes' to go with your brekkie. 

38. Alcoholic Shakes from C'ChoColat (Montreal, Q.C.)

If you've ever dreamed of getting turnt on dessert, then these shakes are for you. You can get these milkshakes without the suggested shot pairing too, but honestly, after a rough day of class (McGill students, where you at?), you deserve to add it.

39. Ice Cream from La Diperie (Montreal, Q.C.)

This ice cream shop is favored by university students at McGill, and I completely understand why. During exam season, there is nothing that I would like better than to sink my teeth into a mountain of chocolate-pretzel ice cream.

40. Chocolate Fondue from Cacao 70 (Montreal, Q.C.)

If you're a fan of chocolate fondue, hot chocolate, or chocolate shakes, then you have come to the right place. Cacao 70 offers five types of fondue, including a flaming turtle dip that features chocolate, caramel, walnuts, and brown rum. That sounds like the world's most epic pregame.

41. Sugar Pie from Aux Anciens Canadiens (Quebec, Q.C.)

Nobody does a sugar pie like Aux Anciens Canadiens. If you don't know what sugar pie is, it's basically a traditional

Québécois dish made with cream, eggs, and a ton of maple syrup (shocker, I know). At $12.95 a slice, this pie isn't wallet-friendly, but it's worth trying to experience the best sugar pie in the world.

42. Maple Taffy from the Carnaval de Québec (Quebec, Q.C.)

Maple taffy is possibly the most Canadian thing since Ryan Reynolds posed with RCMP officers. It only takes two ingredients to make: maple syrup, and snow. Enjoy it at the Carnaval de Québec, the world's biggest winter carnival.

43. Frozen Yogurt from Goji's (Riverview, N.B.)

This fro-yo is honestly so good that you'll never want to eat ice cream again (until you see #45 on this list, obvs). With a variety of flavors, dairy-free options, and toppings, you can decide how healthy you want to make it.

44. Waffles from Moncton Farmer's Market (Moncton, N.B.)

A heaping plate of homemade waffles. Unlimited toppings. And only $6 Canadian. Need I say more? While you're at the markets, make sure to grab a Harry Potter bath bomb that will sort you into a house.

45. Cream Puff Ice Cream Sandwiches from Dairy Bar (Halifax, N.S.)

This seasonal dairy bar is located in a beer garden, which might seem odd, but honestly booze and ice cream sounds like a pretty magical combination. This dairy bar is a favorite among students at Dalhousie, so expect to see a few university kids hanging around.

46. Doughnuts from Scanway Bakery (Halifax, N.S.)

These doughnuts are another favorite with Dalhousie students, and it's easy to see why they keep coming back. The flavors change daily, so you'll never get bored of Scanway's selection. Some of the more popular flavors like Acadian maple & bacon, and lemon cream & lemon fondant, are available regularly.

47. Candy from Freak Lunchbox (Halifax, N.S.)

This candy store is every childhood dream come true. Even celebrities like Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan can't resist the sweet temptations. You can find this magical shop across Canada, but it's best to visit the original location right on the waterfront.

48. Waffles from The Waffle Bus Stop (Antigonish, N.S.)

If you're one of those people that eats on the go, then these convenient takeaway waffles are the perfect addition to your day. Don't worry about accidentally passing them - you can't miss the bright yellow bus.

49. Ice Cream from Cow's (Charlottetown, P.E.I.)

It may not look particularly fancy, but this homemade ice cream straight from a dairy farm will rock your taste buds. Make sure to check out the t-shirts that the shop sells, with puns like "Cowton Abbey" and "Finding Moo-ry."

50. Gourmet Chocolate from the Newfoundland Chocolate Company (St. John's, N.L.)

This chocolate store is like Willy Wonka's factory come to life. Even if you're not a chocolate lover, it's worth visiting to check out the working model train and the chocolate that literally drips from the ceiling.

After reading this list, I hope you can see that Canada is so much more than just polar bears and snow. Canadian desserts can be both traditional and innovative, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love a good ol' fashioned Nanaimo bar just as much as I love trendy Insta-worthy milkshakes. So I'll continue to eat both; and for once, this Canadian girl won't even apologize for it.