Cold Comfort Ice Cream started as a one-woman operation making small batches of ice cream in a rented kitchen space. But three years ago, owner Autumn set up shop in a tucked away neighbourhood on Park St. Since then, they have attracted dedicated followers and curious connoisseurs alike. The eclectic space –filled with antique store finds– mirrors the quirky menu. 

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Riley Sun

Spicy chocolate ice cream?

In the past, Cold Comfort has experimented with unique flavours, from Gin & Tonic to Bacon, Brown Sugar & Buttermilk. Now, they have a constant rotation of their most popular flavours, though it's anything but your standard cookies and cream.

Did you ever think chocolate ice cream could benefit from a little heat? Try their spicy chocolate. Bet you never thought of mixing your beer with dessert. Here, you can experience the classic Hoyne's Dark Matter beer in a creamy new way.

They have also perfected dairy-free and vegan ice cream using coconut milk. The London Fog will ease your dairy-free commitment a little easier.   

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Riley Sun

Say goodby to plastic spoons

There's nothing wrong with a standard vanilla cone; it's a classic for a reason. But if you're tired of cones and cups, try your ice cream in between two decadent cookies. From snickerdoodles to macarons, the combinations are each carefully thought and created. The salted caramel in between two macarons was A+!

All of the products, from the ice cream to the cookies, are made in small batches in house. If you fall head over heels with any of the unique flavours, they have them ready to go by the pint. You can swap the usual Ben and Jerry's for a pint of Citrus Coriander to diversify your Netflix routine.  

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Riley Sun

Sometimes McDonalds sundaes are enough. Sometimes they aren't. Unique flavours and a unique space, Cold Comfort is a refreshing change from your typical ice cream chains. They have come up with flavours you never thought you needed, but you're definitely going to want to try.