Oh, you haven’t heard of Weckerly‘s? No, it’s not like Little Baby’s. That’s so last season. After all, if they sell it in Mark’s and Houston it must be too mainstream.

Kidding! Ice cream will never be too mainstream, but in all seriousness you need to indulge in some Weckerly’s ASAP. They’re a new micro-creamery based in West Philly that specialize in the coolest and most unique ice cream sandwiches you’ll ever devour. Although they also have little bowls of ice cream, if you have the option to eat it it sandwiched between two cookies, why wouldn’t you?

I can guarantee you’ll want to try all of their unique flavors. Think meadow mint on brownie, blueberry on cardamom graham, peaches and cream on pie crust, buttermilk rhubarb on graham and honey lavender on brownie. I hope your mouths are watering. I got a pumpkin butter bourbon on ginger snaps and it was as amazing and wonderful as you’d expect —the perfect fall themed ice cream sandwich.

The Trendiest Ice Cream Sandwiches You'll Ever Eat

Photo by Dina Zaret

For all of the lactose-challenged among us, don’t fret. My ~vegan~ friend got the apple cider sorbet. It was incredibly refreshing and flavorful —basically cold apple cider in your mouth in the best way possible.

Like most trendy things, Weckerly’s is still in its exclusivity phase. Although it’s only sold at a few places, luckily for us one of them is near by. The next time you need a study break, head over to Green Line Cafe at 43rd and Baltimore (but not the one at 45th), pick up a sweet treat, and walk around Clark Park.

In the mean time, check them out on Instagram @weckerlys to see what you need to try.

The Trendiest Ice Cream Sandwiches You'll Ever Eat

Photo by Weckerly’s