Vegan ice cream  it seems like a contradiction of terms. With the immense rise in veganism in the world, staples of the food world are starting to gain vegan counterparts. The best of all these counterparts, however, is ice cream, and here’s why.

It’s Better For You

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Everyone looks at ice cream as the sweet treat. Bad breakup? Just crawl onto a couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and binge-watch a Netflix series. Had a bad day? A scoop of your favorite flavor will pick you right up. No one cares if it’s summer, winter, morning, night — ice cream is forever.

Now imagine if ice cream wasn’t as bad for you. With vegan ice cream, it isn’t bad at all. Say goodbye to the occasional ice cream indulgence, and say hello to the constant ice cream treat.

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Vegan foods are healthier than their normal counterparts, due to the dietary restrictions of veganism. Vegan ice cream has less sugar and fat since it uses a nondairy base when compared to normal dairy ice cream. Plus, it’s chock full of soy protein. All of that, and it still has that amazing ice cream flavor and texture.

Sensitive Stomach? No Problem

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As a lactose intolerant person with a myriad of stomach issues (I’m talking myriad — I had to eat bread for a week because my stomach went on strike), I’m used to being unable to eat things. A lot of these things being all the good stuff in the world. Curse you, lactose intolerance.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve braved the storm and eaten dairy (then immediately regretted it). With vegan ice cream, there’s no storm to brave — only the deliciousness that is vegan ice cream. Thanks to its dairy free base, and thus, lack of lactose, any lactose intolerant person can enjoy as much vegan ice cream as they want with no consequences.

Well, except the consequence of brain freeze.

Allergy Friendly

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So maybe you’re not lactose intolerant like me, but maybe you have a gluten allergy, or a nut allergy, and you’re sitting here thinking, “I can’t eat any of this. What gives?”

I got news for you. You can. Most vegan ice cream producers (like FoMu) make gluten free and nut free ice cream, specifically labeling which ones contain nuts and gluten. Of course you should always check the label to make sure your allergen isn’t in there, or present in the production area.

It’s Better For The Environment

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We already covered that vegan ice cream is better for your health. The fact that vegan foods are better for the environment makes the deal even sweeter. Since they don’t use dairy, the carbon footprint of vegan ice cream is much less than dairy ice cream.

So next time someone asks why you’re eating ice cream at two in the morning, you can tell them you’re helping the environment. Booyah.

It’s Delicious. Duh.

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This is the most important part. If vegan ice cream sucked, who would eat it? I can tell you firsthand that vegan ice cream most definitely does not suck.

I got my first taste of vegan ice cream at FoMu in Allston, Massachusetts the summer before my freshman year. The ability to eat ice cream that was better for me and delicious was amazing. Their flavors followed along the same path as usual ice cream, though it had some divergence (their lavender and avocado flavors — delish). Take it from me — there is zero flavor loss between dairy and vegan ice cream. Dare I say there’s more flavor in vegan ice cream? Take it to the next level with these toppings.

So whether you’re environmentally conscious, lactose intolerant, allergic, vegan, a healthy eater, or just looking for something new to try, scout out some vegan ice cream. It’s worth every bite. And you can even make it yourself.