Every day, whether I find out from an email, a friend, or social media, I hear about another newly created food hybrid. Some of these hybrids are overrated, but some are actually delicious. One of my favorite foods that is constantly being transformed is the doughnut. People have created new doughnuts with the most insane flavor mashups, so I decided to go find some of the craziest doughnuts in NYC. Read on to see how my doughnut adventure through New York City went.

1. The Everything Bagel Doughnut from The Doughnut Project

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Hannah Freiberg

I had constantly seen pictures of the everything bagel doughnut on social media and finally decided to try it. After eating this doughnut, I finally understood the hype around it. The doughnut itself is light and moist, pairing perfectly with the vanilla frosting. The everything seasoning on top balances out the sweetness perfectly. This doughnut mashup is brilliant and really does taste like the sweet version of an everything bagel. Their shop is so cool and everyone who works there is super friendly.

2. Spaghetti Donut from Pop Pasta at Smorgasburg

Another doughnut that has been all over social media recently, the spaghetti doughnut is served on weekends by the vendor Pop Pasta at Smorgasburg Brooklyn. It is baked, then fried and comes in different flavors, such as red sauce and bolognese. Although some people may think that it is overrated, it is a very cool concept. 

3. Sushi Doughnut from Pokéteria 

fish, sashimi, tuna, sushi, salmon, rice
Hannah Freiberg

The sushi doughnut from Pokéteria is filled with spicy tuna and then topped with all the best sushi fillings, including avocado, fresh fish, and sesame seeds. All the flavors blend together perfectly and it is one of the prettiest doughnuts out there. Click here to find out more about the sushi doughnut. 

4. Maple Waffle Donut from Underwest Donuts 

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Hannah Freiberg

The maple waffle doughnut tastes like your childhood breakfast in a doughnut. All the flavors of a waffle and maple syrup are packed into one delicious treat. Make sure to hit up Underwest Doughnuts early in the day as they sell out quickly! 

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Doughnut from Doughnut Plant 

The chocolate chip cookie doughnut is a special at the Doughnut Plant on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. It's made from a pecan dough, dipped in chocolate and topped with cookie crumbs. It's basically my two favorite foods combined into one awesome dessert. 

Although I love all these doughnut mash-ups, I still love a classic glazed doughnut too! All these doughnut shops have some other intriguing mash-ups as well. I can't wait to see what crazy transformations come next for the doughnut.