Finding the perfect doughnut shop in America’s biggest city can be intimidating, tiring, and extremely frustrating. Despite the fact that there’s one on pretty much every corner, it’s impossible to choose which one to fully commit to because the FOMO is real.

Even though they all seem the same at first, each place has one thing or another that sets them apart from the rest. Luckily for you and I, this means that it’s super easy to decide where to go—as long as you know what type of doughnut you’re craving.

Here's what five of New York’s hottest doughnut spots are best known for. 

1. Doughnuttery

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Located at both Columbus Circle and Chelsea Market, Doughnuttery is known for their fresh, warm mini doughnuts that they coat with special mixtures of flavored sugars. With options like Coco Loco, PB&J, and Lemon Pop, you’ll be amazed at how much flavor they can manage to pack into a tiny, bite-sized ring of fried dough.

Go here if... regular-sized doughnuts aren't fun enough for you.

2. Orwasher's Bakery

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Unlike the other stores listed in this article, Orwasher’s doesn’t specialize in making doughnuts alone. However, that doesn’t mean that their doughnuts can’t compete.

What makes this bakery unique is the wide assortment of fresh fruit and berry jellies that they can inject into the doughnut of your choice right before your eyes. And yes, the comically large syringe that they use in the process really does make the experience just that much sweeter.

Go here if... you're in a fruity mood.

3. Doughnut Plant

If you have an Instagram and follow any NYC food-related account, chances are that you’ve seen pictures of doughnuts from this popular chain.

Doughnut Plant boasts the original square doughnut, which can be filled with different jellies, creams, or custards. In addition to that, they also serve specialty cake doughnuts in flavors like Tres Leches and Carrot Cake (sadly, these ones are round).

Go here if… you think round doughnuts are too mainstream. 

4. Dun-Well Doughnuts

This café has a more mellow atmosphere than the others, and that makes it a great place to sit down for awhile and enjoy a cup of coffee with your doughnut.

What makes Dun-Well special is the fact that they have a different menu each day that features creative flavors like French Toast and Lavender Rosemary, as well as recurring seasonal favorites such as Pumpkin Cake and Egg Nog. You can come back every day of the week and always find something new.

Go here if… you need a little more variety in your life (and you want a great cup of coffee).

5. Dough Doughnuts

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Dough Doughnuts may just take the cake (or doughnut, for that matter) for having the most elaborate circular pastries out there. Popular choices here include Hibiscus, Nutella, Matcha, Chai Cream, Gin & Tonic, Cheesecake, and Lemon Meringue—no doubt because of how beautiful and well put-together they look.

It’s nearly impossible to eat a doughnut from Dough without snapping a quick picture first. (Also try their doughnut-inspired babka: Doughka!)

Go here if… you want to make your followers on social media jealous.