I finally got to taste an everything bagel doughnut. I’ll be honest, I have heard of this concept before. Flex Mussels is known for having everything bagel doughnuts. There are recipes out there to make your own everything bagel doughnuts at home. But none could possibly compare to the genius hybrid being served at The Doughnut Project in the West Village.

everything bagel doughnut

Photo by Megan Peterson

What makes this doughnut super rad is that it looks like an everything bagel in the traditional shape of a doughnut. A light cream cheese glaze sits atop a fluffy yeast doughnut finished off with sesame seeds, pepitas, sea salt and garlic seasoning.

You get hit with “everything” at the last second as you nosh on the doughnut and the sweet glaze. You are left crunching on seeds just as you would with an everything bagel.

This doughnut makes the perfect brunch dessert. I would love to see it appear at all local coffee shops in NYC, since reality doesn’t allow me to get to the West Village to indulge in everything doughnuts every day.

everything bagel doughnut

Photo courtesy of @foodieoutloud on Instagram

The proprietors responsible for the gem that is The Doughnut Project opened their cafe in October 2015. I was lucky enough to meet the “Director of Chaos,” Troy Neal, who actually started making doughnuts in his apartment, testing his dough creations on his friends.

His three-year creative process began after talking about a mutual love for doughnuts with Leslie Polizzotto, who now handles the business side of The Doughnut Project. After lots of doughnuts, and opening a small business, the duo brought the “Crowd Favorite” of 2016 to Donut Fest NYC, their “Those Beetz Are Dope” doughnut.

Neal’s out-of-the-box doughnut innovations include the Beet Glaze stuffed with ricotta cheese, Cinnamon Pepitas, and the Bacon Maple Bar, all available (while they last) at The Doughnut Project.

Get your ass out of bed in the morning and go get the everything doughnut. I was lucky enough to get the last one at 2 pm on a Sunday, being one in a crowd of dounutholics.

The Doughnut Project opens at 8 am on weekdays and 9 am on weekends. Closing time is when… SOLD OUT. At The Doughnut Project, everything is good, and I mean that specifically and literally.