I love finding the newest food trends, so when I saw a picture of sushi doughnuts on my Instagram feed, I knew I had to get one. A few weeks passed, and I kept seeing pictures of sushi doughnuts from all over the world, but not from New York until recently.

Pokéteria, located in midtown Manhattan, opened up this past month and is selling sushi donuts on the weekends. I got to talk to their owner about her inspiration for selling the sushi doughnut and what goes in it. She said, "I saw it all over and decided to try it for fun. A friend recommended that we start selling them, and now we sell them every weekend."

What is a sushi doughnut?

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Hannah Freiberg

To make this beautiful piece of art, rice is formed into a doughnut shape and covered with the components of a traditional sushi roll. "We start with sushi rice which is kept at 98.6 degrees, which we believe is the perfect temperature for rice with fish. Then we stuff it with spicy tuna, spicy mayo, and unagi (eel). Then we top it with fresh fish: either salmon, tuna, or yellowtail. And we also top it with avocado, tempura flakes, sesame seeds, and masago, roe from capelin fish." 

How does it taste and look?

Hannah Freiberg

The sushi doughnut is one of the prettiest food creations I have ever seen. There are tons of colors which make it pop and therefore perfect for your Instagram feed. 

Not only does it look amazing, it tastes amazing! The tuna inside is sweet and spicy, and all the fish is extremely fresh. With the creaminess from the avocado and crunch from the tempura flakes, it is the perfect combination.


With all the sushi trends out there, I can definitely say that the sushi doughnut is one worth trying. It's a great combination of all the best components of sushi, and it's in a doughnut shape. Also check out Pokéteria for their poké bowls and sushi burritos!